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As Li Shujun, the president of China food and packaging machinery industry association, pointed out: China's food and packaging machinery industry products still have serious problems such as low technical level, unreasonable industrial structure, low degree of standardization, insufficient innovation ability, low level of homogenization, vicious competition, serious lack of market supply capacity, large-scale Intelligent high-end food and packaging machinery mainly rely on imports

with the largest population in the world, thousands of years of catering culture, the rapid development of food processing industry, and huge industrial development opportunities and potential, China's food machinery industry needs stronger, better and more comprehensive development. However, this is not a jump

let's talk about personnel quality first

Germany is world-famous for its mechanical quality. In addition to their strong scientific and technological research and development strength, they also have a skilled blue collar team. There is a complete vocational education system in Germany. The proportion of German university graduates in their peers is only 20%, and nearly 80% of young people receive vocational education. Many young German people pursue production lines, fun technology, high income and dignity. According to a statistics, the income of German blue collar workers is the highest in the world, with an average annual salary of 39000 US dollars, higher than that of German white-collar workers. On the contrary, we have thousands of troops to enter universities and do everything possible to enter civil servants. Being a blue collar subordinate is a helpless destination. The quality of workers is low, and the best design is out of style. At present, all food machinery manufacturers have experienced a shortage of high-quality blue collar workers. Solving personnel quality involves top-level design and national social environment, and there is a long way to go

let's talk about the importance

throughout universities and research institutes, there are almost no institutions and scientific research teams specializing in food machinery research. In these units, even if there are some scientific researchers who find business opportunities to engage in small projects, they will not form a climate. Some large-scale military industrial enterprises in China have scientific and technological R & D and production and processing capabilities, but the food machinery produced by these units is regarded as a sideline in order to make use of production capacity and arrange employment. When you come into contact with the sales departments of these units, it's like going back in time to the early stage of reform and opening up. We are not short of talents, but of systems and mechanisms

Professor Lu Zhongtao of the Automation Department of Tianjin University has long developed the key device of the liquid automatic packaging machine, which can replace Tetra Pak equipment. There is an undeniable gap between Chinese instrument products and foreign products. It solves the key technical problems of sealing and automatic control under the liquid level. This kind of packaging machine can use ordinary packaging materials, and the price of the whole machine is only about one sixth of Tetra Pak equipment, but it is rarely used in the dairy industry. Our scientific and technological personnel can study sophisticated projects, but where is the market

let's talk about innovation and development

at present, the food machinery industry produces the most varieties, the largest number and the most new products, which is also the hope of China's food machinery industry. But from a calm point of view, there is still a big gap between us and the food machinery manufacturing industry in developed countries

first of all, there are few original products in new products, and some machines still belong to the imitation level. Due to the lack of originality, imitation and plagiarism often appear, resulting in low-level competition. After the interview of a kind of equipment, there are many imitations within a few months. For a long time, who will invest heavily in research and development

secondly, the scale of enterprises is small and scattered, and everyone wants to be large and comprehensive, but the result is that no one is proficient. Looking at some small and strong foreign enterprises specializing in manufacturing accessories, we should be ashamed

moreover, there are few leading enterprises. Enterprises have not formed enterprise groups including industry, University and research and Chenglong supporting enterprises, which are difficult to form innovative development. They have taken the advantage of ceramic materials, and lack competition with foreign products. This needs to take advantage of the potential of the country, use the power of the industry, be grounded, and use practical measures to promote the food machinery industry to change its mode, improve its level, and seize the highland

at present, China is the world's fastest-growing, most potential and largest food processing market, which has attracted the attention of the world. China's food machinery is gradually moving towards high-end direction. China's food machinery and equipment believes that under the new historical conditions, China's food machinery is urgently required to improve its grade and level, enhance its market competitiveness and meet the needs of market competition. Therefore, we should seize the rare historical opportunity, devise strategies, plan the development of China's food machinery industry from a strategic height, and make contributions to the national economic and social development

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