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The process control system accelerates the pace of market promotion

with the pace of spring coming step by step, Siemens' industrial automation field has started a new round of publicity and promotion activities. The process control system SIMATIC PCS 7 once again became a highlight. At the annual biogas technology conference and trade exhibition in Germany, Siemens automation products' customized automation solutions for the field of biogas were unveiled, bringing a new development space for the biogas industry with lifting belts that are portable, easy to protect and good chemical resistance. At the food technology and machinery exhibition held in mid March, suitable for food and 2. The influence of the choice of resin on the mechanical properties of products. The process control system of the beverage industry has brought strong warmth to the dairy industry

automation solutions tailored to the field of biogas

on February, 2009, Siemens industrial automation group presented its customized process control systems, sensors and analytical technology solutions at the annual biogas technology conference and trade show held in Hannover, Germany

Siemens' series of products and systems can meet the needs of the biogas industry, including SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, process instruments, analysis technology, power distribution system and drive devices. The Siemens control system for the biogas industry is scalable (starting with a box PC based system) and suitable for small, medium and large industrial facilities. The system is based on SIMATIC PCS 7, which is a standardized control system that can be used in many industrial fields. Siemens' product portfolio can be used not only to complete process control tasks, but also to monitor the wear degree of equipment components and the key operation status of each equipment component, but also for power monitoring

high system efficiency and energy efficiency suitable for the food and beverage industry

Siemens showed its wide range of products to manufacturers and mechanical equipment manufacturers in the food and beverage industry at the Anuga FoodTec held in Cologne, Germany, on March, 2009. The focus of the presentation is on products and solutions that we hope will help you improve the efficiency of production systems and energy efficiency

they include SIMATIC PCS 7 multi domain standard process control system with dairy libraries that can make it suitable for the dairy industry, and modular automation system specially designed for the bread and pastry industry. The product line displayed also includes optimized packaging production line (Siemens bottle filling and packaging line based on product, interface and automation standards), SIMATIC it unilab laboratory information management system, energy management products (accelerating logistics technology progress and management innovation, such as energy management system) and efficient engineering design system for system and machine manufacturing

Siemens welcomed visitors from dairy and bakery factories and producers of soft drinks, chocolate and other foods through various display products in the exhibition

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