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"Problematic paint" was exposed to flow into the construction site of the largest affordable housing in Hainan

"problematic paint" was exposed to flow into the construction site of the largest affordable housing in Hainan

August 15, 2011

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[China paint information] recently, a "slimming steel bar" incident occurred in the affordable housing project in Wencheng Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, which attracted the attention of the Department of housing and urban rural development of Hainan Province, And with this exhibition but on the quality of industrialization, a special inspection on the use of building materials in affordable housing projects across the province will be carried out. Recently, a whistleblower reported to the people's Hainan window that the Yixin Garden community, the largest affordable housing community in Hainan Province and the key affordable housing project in Danzhou, is suspected of using problematic paint. In the investigation, it was found that the paint supplier was actually a paint company that had not been officially established. As for the source and quality inspection report of the coating, the supervision unit, the construction unit and the coating provider explain the contradictions and doubts

informant: the exterior wall coating of affordable housing is shoddy

Danzhou City, Hainan Province is one of the 28 cities determined by the state to use housing provident fund loans to support the pilot construction of affordable housing. The pilot project "Yixin Garden community" in Hainan is located in the golden area of the Chengbei New District of Danzhou City. The community plans to build 5052 sets of affordable housing (4044 sets of affordable housing and 1008 sets of low rent housing). The total construction area of the manufacturer of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is 392167.4 square meters, with a total planned investment of 880 million yuan. At present, it is the largest affordable housing project in Hainan Province. The bidding owner (Party A) is Danzhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the bid winning construction unit (Party B) is Jiangsu Yancheng Second Construction Group Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is Hainan Juncheng Construction Supervision Co., Ltd

according to the informant, not long ago, Party B criticized the external walls of 6 of the 58 affordable houses. According to the regulations, the construction process needs to use the putty powder that has passed the inspection of the quality inspection department and has been approved by the supervision unit as the coating. "However, at present, the six buildings under construction use low-cost" white cement "as paint." The informant said

supervisor and construction unit: the coating is a qualified product

according to the situation reported by the informant, Liu Mingli, the general supervisor of the "Yixin Garden community" supervision unit, and engineer pan, the relevant person in charge of Party B, denied it. They have provided the polyurethane field with the "Henan one" produced by Haikou Hanya architectural coating Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hanya 1, key parts division) × The inspection report of "ex factory products of coating Co., Ltd." and the inspection record of "agree to enter the site" of the supervision unit, so as to prove that putty powder is used on site, not white cement

for further proof, Party B appoints engineer Lu to take it to the construction site for inspection. At the construction site, we saw that a large number of "spills" in Nanning, Guangxi were indeed stacked × Star brand exterior wall putty paint. According to engineer Lu, the market price of putty powder is yuan/ton, while the market price of white cement is only yuan/ton. The actual construction effect of so many putty powders and exterior walls on site is enough to prove that they use putty powder, not white cement

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