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According to the analysis of insiders, the domestic polystyrene industry mainly has the following problems:

the performance and quality of domestic products are poor and cannot meet the requirements of the market. The quality and performance of polystyrene products in China are poor. Except for foreign-funded and joint venture products, most of the products of domestic manufacturers cannot meet the requirements of users in the electronic industry for product performance and quality, and it is difficult to enter this huge market. In the electronic/electrical industry with the largest demand for polystyrene, imported products take an absolute advantage, and domestic resins are only used in a small amount, and can only be used for low-grade products. In order to ensure the quality of their products, well-known domestic electrical appliance manufacturers all use imported raw materials or products of new medical materials and preparation technologies with other new mechanisms of Foreign-funded Joint Ventures, and even expanded polystyrene for shock proof outer packaging usually uses imported products or products of joint ventures

the scale of the device is relatively small and lacks competitiveness. At present, there are nearly 40 polystyrene production plants in China, most of which have a capacity of less than 30000 tons/year, and many small alignment plants with a scale of about 10000 tons/year need to use leveling device. There are only five production plants with a capacity of 100000 tons/year. Small devices not only cannot be compared with advanced large-scale production devices in terms of product quality, but also have higher production costs, so they are at a disadvantage in market competition

the supply of raw materials is insufficient, and the operating rate of the device is low

what is incompatible with the rapid development of polystyrene production is that the production of styrene, its raw material, develops relatively slowly, the source of raw materials of polystyrene plant is limited, and the operating rate is affected. In 1999, the production capacity of styrene in China was 846000 tons/year, with an output of 602000 tons. Even if all of it is used to produce polystyrene, it can only meet 43% of the domestic polystyrene production needs. The insufficient supply of raw materials is one of the main reasons for the low operating rate of the unit. In 1999, the output of polystyrene in China was about 940000 tons, with fast operation speed. The average operating rate of the device was only 67%, and the production capacity was largely idle, which further increased China's dependence on imported polystyrene

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