Babahoyo, the hottest ecu911 project in Ecuador

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Ecuador ecu911 project babahoyo command center cut the ribbon smoothly

on February 11, 2014, Ecuador ecu911babahayo command center, which was participated in by far east communication company, was completed and cut the ribbon. President Rafael? Mr. Correa came to the scene in person

since winning the bid for ecu911 national command and control national security command and control system hardware integration project in Ecuador in 2011, far east communication company has been fighting in Ecuador for four years, and babahoyo is the eighth command and control center participated by far east communication

at 9:40 a.m. on February 11, Mr. President, accompanied by ministers, arrived at the babahoyo center, met with people from all walks of life in the conference room of the command center, and then met with security minister omero? Accompanied by Mr. Arellano, he visited the video monitoring room, the police reception and handling hall and other places

in the police reception and handling hall, Mr. President watched the demonstration of ecu911 faulty welding or open circuit system that should be re welded. On the LCD screen of the command center, the whole process of receiving the police, video monitoring, finding the police situation and handling the police are presented one by one In his introduction, Minister ecu911 also mentioned that the center is an important standard of ecu911 project in Ecuador, with a standard type of 100000 subdivision code centers, but it mainly serves the provinces of Los Rios and Bolivar. Since its completion and commissioning at the end of January 2014, the center has made outstanding contributions to the serious implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the central and provincial Party committees and governments for the raw material industry in Anshan, the city of the province, More than 2000 alarms are accessed every day, and nearly 500 alarms are handled

after watching the demonstration, Mr. President communicated with people from all walks of life about the functions and functions of the system, and expressed great satisfaction with the demonstration effect. He believed that the completion of the system would effectively reduce crime and improve social security. After the visit, the president and the Minister of security delivered speeches on the square outside the center, introducing the ecu911 system in detail. Security Minister omero? Mr. arreliano emphasized the importance of ecu911 Center for national management and citizen safety, and said that the success of ecu911 center in Ecuador has set a good example for neighboring countries such as Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia

as the main contractor of ecu911 system, far east communication will continue to do a good job in the construction of the remaining eight command centers, show the style of Chinese enterprises and contribute to Ecuador's national security

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