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Processing fruit bags contains great business opportunities

in recent years, due to the smooth surface of fruits covered with paper bags during growth, there are no insect spots and pollution; The fruit covered with plastic bags after harvest is clean and has a long fresh-keeping period. Therefore, it is highly favored in the market and is very bright. In this case, the rapid increase of fruit farmers' paper bags and plastic bags during fruit growth and after harvest has greatly increased the demand for paper and plastic bags for fruit, resulting in large business opportunities in small fruit bags

paper and plastic bags for processing fruit sets have a wide range of raw materials, simple equipment, easy production and low cost. Although each one has little profit, due to the large demand, a fruit farmer needs tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands. "Liaozengtai, chairman of Wanhua chemical Group Co., Ltd., introduced that Wanhua Group expects to invest a total of 70billion yuan to build million Wanhua chemical Yantai Industrial Park, so, The economic benefits are still considerable. If we insist on perennial production, the fruit trees will be processed into paper bags before flowering for the fruit on the trees; In practice, this method processes plastic bags after the trees bloom for the fruit after harvest. One person, one equipment, processes millions a year. However, the proportion of plastic granulation performance consumption in China in the total industrial energy consumption is almost 1.5 higher than that in Britain, but it is not a problem. If fruit farmers take time to process, in addition to their own use, the surplus can also be sold to make money and increase income

in addition, when bagging paper bags during fruit production, it used to be tied with thin thread, which was both troublesome and difficult to tie; Now there is a kind of bagging card. After putting the paper bag on the fruit, just don't put on the bagging card, which is fast and convenient. Therefore, while processing paper bagging, processing and selling bagging cards will be welcomed by fruit farmers

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