The hottest problem of domestic coating production

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Problems of domestic coating production lines

at present, it is estimated that there are thousands of coating production lines in China, and the introduction of large-scale coating production lines accounts for almost half. From the perspective of the existing coating production lines in China, there are mainly the following problems:

first, the design level is not high. First, China has not invested much in the development of coating equipment, and few advanced and mature coating equipment occupy the market. Even for the coating production line built by baihang in China, some key equipment on the production line is also introduced. The second is some basic elements in China. How many users really know about changing the experimental machine? As a manufacturer, I don't know much about 9s parts and control components. The quality is not up to standard and can't stand the long-term test. Therefore, although the design of the production line is advanced, there is no sufficient guarantee of equipment. At the same time, domestic investment in production lines has been blindly reduced, and equipment cannot be selected as required. Due to many reasons, the level of the production line is not high, involving changes in the design level. In fact, some production lines designed and manufactured by ourselves in China are not inferior to some foreign production lines in terms of technology and equipment level in combination with national conditions, but there are only thousands of enterprises that are often troubled by the reliability and life of components

second, the manufacturing level is rough. The domestic industry layout is scattered, the enterprise scale is generally small, the comprehensive strength is weak, and it largely depends on the lathe operation. Therefore, the manufacturing process is rough, the technology is backward, and the appearance of the equipment is poor, which directly affects the performance index and reliability of the equipment, and also leads to the low price situation of the domestic coating production line

third, the use level is low. The operators are lack of painting knowledge, do not follow the operating procedures, do not follow the process conditions, ignore the operating environment, and do not pay attention to environmental protection

IV. the safety level is worrying. Due to the limitation of one-time investment and insufficient attention to safety issues in some coating production lines in China, a large number of coating production lines do not comply with the safety regulations for coating operations. Compared with the series standards of the national safety regulations for coating operations, there are many hidden dangers in the aspects of gas prevention, dust prevention, fire prevention, explosion prevention, etc. How to achieve comprehensive protection and promote the development of coating production lines in the direction conducive to workers' health and safety is not paid enough attention No effort

this is mainly due to the following reasons:

1. Some foreign production lines with low painting technology flow to the Chinese market. 2. Introduce disorderly and repeated production lines of the same type

3. The imported advanced coating production line has not been well digested and absorbed

4. Some domestic automatic coating production lines designed and developed by ourselves have not been widely exchanged and promoted

5. In recent years, some domestic units have paid some attention to the development of dispensing equipment and new technology by using 40 and 70 mm span alignment blocks for the jaw span used in the coating production line. Although some achievements have been made, due to the limitations of human and capital investment in research and development, there have been more imitation, less independent development and less innovation, so the effect is not significant. Our goal is to produce a coating production line with compact structure, reliability, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, low maintenance requirements and long service life, and to use a qualified coating production line to paint a good, qualified coating that meets the requirements of corrosion prevention and decoration

therefore, we should continue to research and develop coating equipment, ensure the continuous improvement of the technology of the coating production line, strive to take the lead, and make due contributions to the development of China's coating industry

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