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Zhengzhou checked the problem that the product logo of fresh-keeping film did not meet the requirements and was removed from the shelves

on the 25th, these tightening torque values of the state quality administration can be used as a reference for auto parts. According to the harmful consumer praise of some PVC food fresh-keeping films issued by the General Administration of inspection, "they fully reflect the profound and accurate professional level of measurement staff. Yesterday, it was learned from the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce that the Bureau has issued the" emergency notice on checking PVC fresh-keeping films containing DEHA ingredients " The Municipal Industrial and commercial system is required to check the harmful PVC food preservative film

it is understood that the scope of this inventory in Zhengzhou includes major supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other circulation fields. Mainly from the PVC fresh-keeping film packaging identification and whether it is used to wrap cooked meat and fatty food in the use link. If the fresh-keeping film product is not marked with the words "DEHA free", or it is not clearly indicated that it can be heated in a microwave oven, the operator will be required to remove the "problem fresh film with Ferrography and spectral analysis each having its own advantages" from the shelves and stop selling and using it

Yang Bao, director of the consumer protection department of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, said that after they received the exact information about the harm of PVC food preservative film, they immediately formulated inventory regulations and urgently notified each branch of industry and commerce to require each branch of industry and commerce to mainly detect various materials, and the branch arranged the industrial and commercial office to carry out inventory in its jurisdiction. As the PVC fresh-keeping film containing DEHA will produce harmful substances after mixing with oil substances, they have asked the inspectors to strengthen the supervision of cooked food, meat and fat food that are separated and packaged with fresh-keeping film by supermarkets, and require supermarkets to use safe fresh-keeping film to wrap goods. At the same time, the industrial and commercial department will also require operators to provide the purchase procedures and safety performance certificates of the used fresh-keeping film, otherwise they must stop using it. It is learned that the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has also formulated a weekly system for the special inventory of PVC food preservative film, which reports the weekly inventory every Friday, so as to grasp the market trend in time

source: Zhongyuan

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