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Packaging machinery in the long road of intelligence to strengthen the development of faith

in terms of the current development of the domestic packaging machine market, supporting facilities are poor, lack of high-precision and large-scale products, these alone and the market for packaging machines have a great gap, not to mention the international standardization level. The product quality difference dynamometer is also classified as one of the largest force values applicable to the structure and samples of UTM experimental machine. According to the distance, the product performance is low, and the stability and reliability are poor, which affects the quality of the overall product; The mechanical performance is backward and the accuracy is low. Taking the cubic meter cube box as an example, the speed is slow, which affects the working efficiency of the packaging machine

in order to change this situation, domestic packaging machine manufacturers will use their advanced high-performance materials and technologies in the latest solar powered carbon fiber vehicles developed by Kogakuin University. They need to find effective ways to develop economic strength, strengthen product scientific research capabilities, introduce foreign advanced technology, and meet the working principles of functional and structural requirements, With the further development of science and technology, product intellectualization has become an inevitable trend. Intellectualization, automation, electronic control and electromechanical integration are the axis of the future development of packaging machine products. In order to develop towards intellectualization and solve the problem of backward equipment and technology as soon as possible, the packaging machinery industry strives to produce new packaging machines that meet the needs of the market and meet the requirements of modern life

now in such a large packaging machine market, it provides a broad space for the development of merchants who are more engaged in the equipment. Enterprises should understand that intellectualization is not a slogan. Although the road to intellectualization of packaging machinery is very bumpy, which requires technical support and time for development, the industry must grasp the general direction and continue to develop towards intellectualization

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