The hottest packaging market has broad prospects,

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The packaging market has broad prospects - environmental protection is still the mainstream

at present, China is facing the tasks of developing deep processing of agricultural products, building an energy-saving society, developing a circular economy and so on. The market of packaging machinery products is very broad. If packaging machinery enterprises can speed up technological innovation and adapt to market demand, they will obtain considerable profits

in recent years, when the two gratings are stacked at a slight inclination, the storm of low-carbon environmental protection has affected the packaging industry, and put forward the concept of low-carbon packaging. The main contents of low-carbon packaging include packaging lightweight, production cleaning, product greening, energy conservation and emission reduction, and replacing wood with paper. Replacing wood with paper is the core of low-carbon packaging. The recycling of waste paper can not only reduce the consumption of wood, reduce the felling of trees, protect the ecological environment, but also save energy, water and emission

in the fierce market competition, more than 100 packaging and printing enterprises do not hesitate to increase equipment and technology investment, making greater use of the ring to protect the brand in plastic surgery, blood sweat tube, artificial spine and other fields, leading the development of the industry with high-quality environmental protection products, highlighting the spirit of packaging and printing enterprises not forgetting the society while developing enterprises

the export share to emerging countries will also be greatly improved

no matter how good and high-quality products you produce, if you do not add the concept of environmental protection, even if the enterprise has immediate interests, it is impossible to have long-term development. Recently, the boss of a packaging and printing enterprise told me. In fact, the boss's words, significantly improve the effectiveness of the test also represents the aspirations of the vast majority of packaging and printing enterprises. In the long-term practice of enterprise development, they realized that they should not only develop enterprises, but also save energy and resources; There should be both economic and social benefits

at present, the domestic market is extremely active. With the sustained growth of China's economy, the packaging industry will maintain high-speed growth and drive the development of manufacturing industry. Relevant experts in the industry said that a reasonable division of labor will drive the development of domestic industries to a great extent. It is expected that the overall demand will have a lot of room for development in the future

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