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Packaging machinery vocabulary interpretation (II)

□ bottle blowing machine

bottle blowing machine: including fully automatic number, which can replace 60%~70% of plastic raw materials into plant fiber controlled bottle blowing machine, plastic bottle blowing machine, semi-automatic bottle blowing machine

□ can sealing machine

put liquid (solid) materials into the packaging container, the machine that seals the can mouth

□ capping machine

the crown cover is automatically loaded, and after it is covered, the crown cover is automatically compressed to seal

□ cap screwing machine

the cap is automatically loaded and buckled on the bottle mouth. It is a machine that automatically tightens the cap or compresses the cap by pressure

□ heat shrinkable packaging machine

after the wrapped articles are wrapped with heat shrinkable film materials as required, they are transported by the conveyor to the heat shrinkable device for heat shrinkable treatment, so that the packaging film shrinks and is tightly wrapped and bonded to the surface of the wrapped articles

□ body fitting packaging machine

body fitting packaging machine is also a hot spot. Many of our customers have used molding packaging. Its biggest feature is that it does not need a thermoforming mold to prepare the corresponding packaging container in advance. Instead, the packaging material itself is automatically covered on the packaged goods after being heated and softened, and molded with the largest wheel Gallery of the goods itself, and fused with the adhesive coating on the cardboard supporting the packaged goods. When cooled, the wrapping film adheres to the packaged goods itself, and is fixed on the supporting cardboard

□ labeling machine

principle: a machine that pastes or hangs labels on products or packages. Usage: according to the different methods of fixing labels, it can be divided into: labeling machine, shrinking label machine, label hanging machine, label nailing machine, label inserting machine

□ slitting machine

principle: use the edges of two discs with opposite rotation directions as cutting, and when the raw materials pass through them, they will be cut into several strips. Purpose: machine for disassembling containerized parts, taking out products, unloading and separating

□ sterilizer

principle: machine for removing or killing microorganisms on packaging materials, products or packages in a very short time, so as to reduce them to the allowable range. Usage: according to different sterilization methods, sterilizers are divided into: thermal sterilizer, ultrasonic sterilizer, ionization sterilizer, chemical sterilizer

□ dryer

principle: reduce the moisture of packaging materials, packaging parts, etc., so that they can reach the dryness level expected with the development and utilization of new materials. Usage: according to different drying methods, it can be divided into: thermal dryer, mechanical dryer, chemical dryer

□ bottle washer

principle: a machine that cleans packaging materials, packages, etc. to achieve the expected cleanliness. Usage: according to different cleaning methods, cleaning machines are divided into: dry cleaning machine, wet cleaning machine, mechanical cleaning machine, electrolytic cleaning machine, ionization cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine

□ packaging machine

principle: a machine that packs several products or packages to form a handling or sales unit is called a packaging machine. Purpose: the baling machine includes manual baling machine and mechanical baling machine; Manual baling machine needs packing belt and metal buckle; Mechanical packer, with high efficiency, fast speed and simple operation, is suitable for the packaging of large quantities of industrial products

□ knitting machine

principle: it is applicable to the continuous production of cylindrical bag cloth with polyolefin flat wire as raw material. Purpose: ton bagging, handbag

□ tail sealing machine

principle: when the power is turned on, the electric heating element generates heat, so that the upper and lower heating blocks rise sharply, and the temperature and speed of the required sealing materials are adjusted through the temperature controller and speed regulating device. The plastic packaging bags are transported by the conveyor belt, The sealing part of the packaging bag is sent between the two sealing belts in operation, and is sent to the heating area under the clamping of the sealing belt. The sealing belt is squeezed by two hot plates in the heating area, so that the plastic film is bonded after heating. Then, it is sent to the cooling area under the clamping of the sealing belt, and the knurled wheel is rolled, rolled out, or production date, batch. Usage: suitable for sealing ordinary single-layer film, composite film and all heat sealable materials; It is used in food, medicine, chemical industry, clothing, local specialties, electronic components, tea industry, daily cosmetics, military industry departments, scientific research departments, stores and retail departments and other industries that use the above materials to package products

□ cutting machine

cutting machine: before the carton is formed, the cardboard surface is subject to cutting treatment to meet the carton design requirements

□ binding machine

it is a machine that uses soft wire to automatically bind packages

□ wrapping machine

wrapping wrapping machine is a new packaging technology that uses a film with tensile retraction property to wrap one or more items under the action of a certain tensile force, so that the items can be loaded, unloaded, stored and transported as a unit, while protecting the items from environmental damage. Usage: suitable for the containerized transportation of railway, highway, air and sea freight. The packaging range includes cartons, wooden cases, plastic cases, chemical industry, cement, grain, chemical fertilizer and other bagged categories; Building materials, ceramics, barrels, rolls; Paper products such as books and periodicals; Cotton and textile products; Metal, wood, pipe, plate; Assemble pallets for transportation and packaging of beverages, fruits and other commodities. Packaging material: stretched film linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is non-toxic, and the stretching rate is%; Thickness 0.015 microns -0.035 microns. (to be continued)

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