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China's packaging market has great potential

the Italian packaging industry, with 250 large-scale enterprises, recorded a turnover of 29 billion euros in 2003. The development of digital economy and bioeconomy needs billion euros, an increase of 2.8% over 2002. As the products produced are mainly used for export, 82% of the "made in Italy" products are sold overseas, and the packaging industry has made a positive contribution to the trade surplus of the Italian industrial industry (accounting for 5.4% of the total exports), which is not much lower than that of the traditional "made in Italy" representative industries such as clothing, footwear or ceramic tiles

in the export market of Italian packaging machinery, the food industry plays a leading role, absorbing 35% of the export of packaging machinery. But now the strength of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries is also becoming stronger and stronger, accounting for 28% of the total exports, accounting for 25.6%. The petrochemical industry ranks third, accounting for 7% of exports. The remaining 30% are distributed in different industries, among which the tobacco industry is undoubtedly the most important

as for the target market of Italian packaging machinery, the United States occupied the most important position in 2003, absorbing 10.52% of exports. Followed by France and Germany, with 8.29% and 6.87% respectively. The development of the Chinese market is exciting. In just one year, China has surpassed Spain, Britain and Russia to become the fourth country to absorb the largest export of Italian packaging machinery, accounting for 6.25% of exports (4.86% in 2002)

China is a very important market for us, which does not have excellent anti-interference performance only because of the size of the market, but also because of its future potential. The Chinese market is growing faster and faster, which is why we set up an office in Shanghai

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