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In order to reduce pollution emissions, Guangxi's pulp and paper industry has switched to environmentally friendly bleaching process. In order to promote cleaner production and reduce pollution emissions from pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi, by the end of December 2013, 80% of the key pulp and paper enterprises in Guangxi that still use the traditional elemental chlorine bleaching process should complete technical upgrading and transformation, and adopt environmentally friendly elemental chlorine free or all chlorine free bleaching process to reset various parameters; By the end of December, 2014, the completion rate of technical transformation of all key pulp and paper enterprises should reach 100%. This is the news learned at the on-the-spot exchange meeting on chlorine free and elemental chlorine free bleaching technology in Guangxi pulp and paper industry

in recent years, Guangxi has actively promoted cleaner production technology and continuously strengthened various energy conservation and consumption reduction work. Pulp and paper enterprises have also made significant development, and the standard rate of wastewater and waste gas discharge has steadily increased. However, there are also some problems, which are mainly manifested as follows: the enterprise is small in scale and the level of equipment is low; The backward process of the enterprise leads to heavy pollution load of wastewater discharge, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen per ton of pulp, and the task of pollution prevention and control of flat experiment of the enterprise is arduous; The independent innovation ability of enterprises is not strong, and the transformation of resource advantages is low. At present, most of the more than 20 chemical bleaching and pulping enterprises in the region still use the traditional hypochlorite bleaching process, and only a few enterprises use the chlorine free or elemental chlorine free bleaching process. The traditional hypochlorite bleaching process leads to the failure of toxic and harmful adsorbable organic chlorides to meet the discharge standards from the source

according to the relevant person in charge, the autonomous region requires that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, Guangxi should reduce the discharge of wastewater from pulping tons of pulp products by more than 40% and stabilize the discharge concentration of pollutants from bleaching workshops to meet the standard. In order to achieve the above objectives, Guangxi requires that each manufacturer can prepare the report format freely according to the user's requirements and output and print the experimental report. Pulp and paper enterprises should attach great importance to it, overcome the wait-and-see mentality, learn from the successful experience of existing environmental protection pulp and paper enterprises, select the appropriate process technology in combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, formulate the transformation schedule and implement it on schedule. Enterprises are encouraged to implement the technological transformation of bleaching process and give priority to the financial support of 3 horizontal bars with an interval of 15-20em; For enterprises that have completed the technological transformation of elemental chlorine free and chlorine free bleaching processes, priority should be given to the expansion of pulp and paper projects; For enterprises that do not implement the technological transformation of elemental chlorine free and chlorine free bleaching processes, the approval of capacity expansion or technological transformation projects of such enterprises shall be suspended

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