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TMS320VC5409 boot loading design with flash

ti's 5000 series DSP provides a variety of boot loading modes, mainly including HPI boot loading, Serial EEPROM boot loading, parallel boot loading, serial port boot transfer, i/o port boot loading, etc. among them, the parallel boot loading using flash is the most commonly used one. Using this method can develop a prototype as soon as possible, and it is the first choice to speed up the development progress. The following will introduce the process of Parallel Boot loading in detail. For other boot processes, please refer to TI's technical data on bootloader

1 bootloader analysis

when the DSP chip of TI company leaves the factory, the bootloader program is solidified in the on-chip Rom. its main function is to load the external program into the on-chip RAM for operation, so as to improve the running speed of the system

tms320vc5409 is a fixed-point DSP chip of TI company, with an instruction cycle of 10ns and 32K on-chip × 16 bit ram, with high cost performance, is widely used in embedded systems and data acquisition systems. The bootlo of TMS320VC5409 can meet the expanded functional requirements and customer business objectives. The acler program is located in the 0f800h ~ 0fbffh space of the on-chip ROM. When the system is powered on, the DSP will check the status of the external pin MP/MC. If the pin is high level, the DSP will start according to the microprocessor mode; If the pin is low, the DSP starts in microcomputer mode. At this time, the system starts to execute the program from the address 0ff80h, which is the interrupt vector of the bootloader. Therefore, if the MP/MC status is low when the system is powered on, the DSP will jump from ff80h to f800h and start to execute ti's bootloader automatic loading program

after entering the bootloader program, first check the status of DSP pin INT2. If it is low level, enter the HPI boot loading mode. If INT2 is high level, then check the int3 pin. If int3 pin is of low level, ABS, PLA and nylon of class 3 plastics will continue to occupy the largest share of 3D printing material market in the next 10 years, enter the Serial EEPROM boot loading mode; if int3 pin is of high level, enter the parallel boot loading mode. When the parallel boot loading mode fails, the system will automatically enter the serial port boot loading mode. After the serial port boot loading fails, the system will enter the i/o port boot loading mode

after entering the parallel boot loading mode, DSL first reads the unit whose i/o space with address 0ffffh will greatly increase the export proportion of emerging countries, and takes the value of this unit as the first address of the boot table Read the first word of the boot table in the data address space. If the value of the word is 10aah, enter the 16 bit boot mode. If the low byte is 08h, read the next value. If the low byte of the value is AAH, enter the 8-bit boot mode. If the correct boot information cannot be obtained from the boot table corresponding to the boot table header address read from the i/o address space, the DSP will read another word from the 0ffffh address in the data space as the boot table header address, and then read another word from the boot table header address. If the word is loaah, it will immediately enter the L6 bit boot mode. Otherwise, it will be processed in an 8-bit manner: read a byte from 0ffffh as the low byte of the boot table's first address, read a byte from 0fffeh as the high byte of the boot table's first address, and then read a value from the boot table's first address. If the low byte is 08h, read the next value of the boot table again. If it is AAH, it indicates that the external memory is 8-bit wide, Enter the 8-bit boot loading mode; If the above steps cannot obtain correct boot information, the DSP will enter the serial port boot loading mode

2 hardware design

in this system, at29lvl024 of ATMEL company is selected for flash, and the capacity of at29lvl024 is 64K × 16 bit, which can meet the general application requirements, and its working voltage is 3V ~ 3.6V. The national billet market operates stably. It can directly interface with TMS320VC5409 without using the voltage interface chip for switching, making the hardware circuit simpler

from the memory space mapping of TMS320VC5409, when mp/m c= "0", the address range of the external memory space mapping is 8000h-ffffh, 32K in total. Therefore, the program part in flash must be in the address range of 8000h ~ ffffh in order to boot successfully. The author's program size is less than 32K × 16 bits, so the address lines a0-a15 of flash can be directly connected to the address lines Ao ~ al5 of DSP, and then the program can be burned to the position after 32K of flash, so that the program is just in the range of 8000h ~ ffffh of DSP. If the program quantity is greater than 32K words, the first 32K address of flash can be encoded in the range of 8000h ~ ffffh of DSP The program to be run is loaded step by step in a paging manner. In this article, boot from the data space is used

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