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On October 26, Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Agriculture organized and held a large-scale "training course on technical operation of sugarcane harvesters" in Leizhou City, which was attended by more than 120 modern new farmers from Leizhou, Xuwen and Suixi and relevant staff of Zhanjiang Agricultural Machinery Extension Station

with flat terrain, vast land area and abundant agricultural natural conditions, Zhanjiang has unique advantages in developing modern agriculture. Leizhou, Xuwen, Suixi and other places have a perennial sugarcane planting area of about 2million mu. It is of far-reaching significance to promote the whole process mechanization of sugarcane production and develop modern agriculture in these areas

in the past, the mechanization of agricultural production in Zhanjiang was not high due to the influence of traditional farming mode. "When harvesting sugarcane, one man can harvest it day by day, no more than 3 tons at most; while using a sugarcane harvester, a small and medium-sized harvester, can harvest at least 100 tons a day!" Caihaiying, deputy chief of Leizhou agricultural machinery station, said that in recent years, Leizhou has given full play to its natural advantages in agriculture, actively won the strong support of the Provincial Department of agriculture and Zhanyi Agricultural Protection Bureau, committed to developing modern agriculture and fully promoted the process of agricultural production mechanization. Among them, Leizhou sugarcane harvester technology promotion has stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers to participate in the mechanized production of sugarcane harvesting. According to the relatively small risk of incomplete integration, farmers in the city have purchased nearly 100 sugarcane harvesters in the past two years

good agricultural production conditions in Leizhou City have boosted the development of modern agriculture, and a large number of new farmers' cooperatives with different characteristics have emerged. Kelu town of the city takes standards as an important means to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and standardize industrial order. Fengrun agricultural machinery farmers' professional cooperative was founded by caiweijian, a new local farmer. At present, the cooperative has a total of 91 sugarcane harvesters locally and abroad. Our advanced value-added customers pay attention to it and 110 drivers. Its business scope of harvesting not only covers the local area, but also extends to Guangxi, Yunnan and other regions, It has even been extended to Myanmar, Cambodia and other countries, with good social repercussions

in order to help farmers expand and strengthen the sugarcane industry and boost the process of agricultural mechanization, Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of agriculture and Leizhou agricultural machinery station held the second training course on technical operation of sugarcane harvesters. The training form is a combination of theoretical study and technical operation. All trainees must study intensively and take the exam. Only those who pass the exam can be granted certificates and allowed to work with certificates. The training course lasts for five days

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