A compendium of house decoration strategies

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There are many processes of house decoration. You can start the preparation work of decoration from the time you buy a house. In home decoration, many owners are concerned about the decoration cost, so before decoration, you must plan well. Only good planning can reduce the cost. Now let's take a look at the house decoration strategy for your reference

make adequate preparations: it is not enough to pay enough attention to it. We should make adequate preparations for decoration in all aspects. If your mind is full of decoration matters when you eat, walk and sleep, Congratulations, you are initially in a state. Of course, don't go too far. Insomnia all night for decoration is not worth the loss

correct your attitude: everyone who comes over the decoration has an experience, that is, no matter how well you plan and think in the decoration process, there will still be problems and headaches. In this regard, it is necessary to correct your mentality. Don't think that you should have thought of everything in advance. In the process of decoration, there will always be places you didn't think of, because you are facing not only a pile of materials, but people who have a direct impact on these materials and your decoration effect. It is normal to have various problems in dealing with people, so you should correct your mentality, and soldiers will block, water and earth will be flooded. It's no use complaining. Solving problems is the king way to deal with the trouble of decoration

be cautious: during the decoration process, it can be said that there are traps and misunderstandings everywhere. Moreover, starting from the preparation stage, let's say the preparation of decoration knowledge. If you listen to the words of a family on the Internet, you may fall into a misunderstanding, because what suits others is not necessarily suitable for yourself. In the design stage, there is a trap in hiring a designer. The free meals designed for free may not be delicious, and even turn your stomach. You can buy building materials, decorate guerrillas, and cut corners on the construction site &hellip& hellip; There are traps everywhere. Therefore, we should be careful to prevent them. The heart of harming others cannot exist, and the heart of preventing others cannot be absent! It's impossible to have psychological preparation without practical action. The first step is to start with home decoration knowledge and arm yourself with knowledge. This will be a powerful weapon for you to fight against all kinds of traps that may appear when you face decoration companies, building materials merchants and decoration workers in the future. The preparation of home decoration knowledge is nothing more than these aspects

1. Online accumulation

at present, the Internet contains a large amount of knowledge, and it is easy to search for a large number of home decoration knowledge. However, how to remove the weeds from these massive amounts of knowledge has become a problem in front of everyone. This requires diligent sorting and accumulation, and good knowledge classification. After knowing the general knowledge of home decoration, it is a good choice to visit home decoration Forum. If you encounter problems you don't understand, you can ask netizens at any time and exchange home decoration experiences online. Similarly, you can also tell everyone your experiences and lessons at any time. Receiving help and helping others are two-way. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the collective procurement, home decoration lectures and other activities organized by netizens online. While preparing knowledge, you can also purchase some furniture and building materials at the same time

2. Consult people who have decorated, such as your colleagues, relatives, friends, classmates, etc. if you have decorated your home, you must not miss the opportunity to consult. You can get the most direct knowledge of home decoration from them. Often they will show you what they have done in the decoration process. Of course, they will also take the opportunity to spit on you. This is a good opportunity to learn, and their painful lessons can be used for reference directly. In the process of understanding home decoration knowledge, you will also accumulate some information about decoration companies and construction teams, killing two birds with one stone. Why not do it

3. Visit the building materials city and consult the decoration company

visit the building materials city mainly focuses on acquiring knowledge of building materials and furniture. If you shop more, you can generally understand the category, brand, workmanship and possible price traps of building materials and furniture. Consulting decoration companies mainly refers to their designers and foremen of construction teams. Of course, you can't see the foremen in some decoration companies. Through them, you can obtain the knowledge of home decoration design, refer to some design schemes, and obtain the matters needing attention in construction

4. Visit the model room

depending on the actual situation, not everyone has such an opportunity. Generally speaking, for decoration companies, owners who are interested in choosing them may arrange them to visit the model room. Since it is a model room, of course, it is well placed here for everyone to visit. Some of them even do model projects without losing money. If you choose this construction team, your home decoration effect is expected not to exceed the model room. The advantage of visiting the model room is that you can get the most intuitive decorative effect and have the most intuitive picture of your future home decoration space arrangement. It is helpful for you to make a good abdominal draft in the next design. It is also a good opportunity to visit a decoration company

5. Purchase books and magazines to learn

after your decoration knowledge has accumulated to a certain extent through the above ways, you can also buy some books or magazines to learn. Of course, it is mainly to learn the style of decoration design. If you have high aesthetic requirements, this step is even necessary. Because the introduction of decoration style in books and magazines has always followed the trend. Good pictures can be cut with scissors for reference

capital preparation

decoration is a big investment for most families, so we should make a budget and set aside this part of the money. Generally speaking, the total cost of decoration should be 10% to 20% of the house price This part will be discussed in detail in the plan and budget, and will not be explained here

preparation for construction period

as decoration is related to the future quality of life of a family, most people still adopt the situation of "cleaning" or "half contracting". No matter which form is adopted, it is inevitable to focus on the on-site construction, which is a contradiction for office workers. Therefore, how to properly arrange the construction period is a matter to be prepared in advance. If it is a couple's decoration, how to reasonably arrange the time for them to stare at the scene is a good question to discuss in advance

the above house decoration strategy is simply introduced here. I hope it will help you! Please look forward to more information





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