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For today's building materials stores, with more and more alliances or promotional activities, daily activities and promotions lead to less and less customer traffic and more and more difficult business

for today's building materials stores, with more and more alliances or promotional activities, activities and promotions are carried out every day, resulting in less and less customer traffic and more and more difficult business. Facing such a cruel situation, as dealers and store managers, how can we continuously improve the performance of the store? First of all, let's look at a general formula in the market:

sales volume of a single store = passenger flow x transaction rate X passenger unit price

we all know a truth: passenger flow is money flow, popularity is wealth, and improving passenger flow is the core work of opening building materials stores. So, how can we increase the customer flow of exclusive stores

1. The integration mode of shopping malls and shopping guides

people who are close to each other are red, and people who are close to each other are black. With excellent people, we will become more and more excellent. Together with the franchised stores with the most customer resources, our customer flow will also be larger and larger. Whether we are bosses, store managers or shopping guides, we should try our best to get to know the top five bosses, store managers and shopping guides in the local building materials market. Not only can we learn from their excellent management experience and sales skills, but the most important thing is that their performance is so good. There must be a lot of customers. If they introduce customers to us, will our customer flow still worry? Do we need to worry about our performance

2. Call interception mode

interception means to bring consumers who immediately enter and have entered the store to our specialty store, so as to achieve our goal of increasing passenger flow. For example, at the gate of the store and the elevator, use personnel to send single pages or directly bring customers into the franchised store; Greet the guests at the door of the exclusive store with a smile of three meters and a greeting of one meter, and do not miss any consumer passing by the door of the store. This mode has a good effect in helping us increase the passenger flow during both holiday promotion and non promotion periods

3. Theme and promotion attraction mode

according to the statistics of an authoritative organization, 62% of consumers' impression of the brand comes from visual image. Therefore, we should attract consumers through some interesting themes or advertising words, so that they can remember our brand. As soon as they enter the building materials market, they will think of our Hennessy doors and windows. Then we use our prizes and gifts to make attractive piles inside and outside the store. Before customers arrive at the door of the store, they want to have a look and sit in our Hennessy store. Take both measures to win potential customers and increase our passenger flow

4. Community marketing mode

in the face of the market environment of more monks and less meat, only service in advance can win. What is pre service? That is, we should make the service the behavior of consumers before buying goods. At present, many franchised stores do community promotion in a simple and crude way. In addition to selling cards, selling cards, or selling cards, this is not called service pre, this is called violent marketing. The pre service should be to spread knowledge and give gifts, tell consumers how to decorate their house, and what losses to avoid in the process of decoration, so that they can have a good impression on you, and then tell us that it is Hennessy doors and windows, and come to the store when you are free. When consumers visit the building materials market, they will naturally come to our store to choose the products they need

5. Store sitting active marketing mode

when there are no customers in many specialty stores, they either sit at the front desk together to chat, or they collectively bow their heads and hold their mobile phones to play. Are you familiar with such scenes? If this is the case in your store, where do customers come from? Where does the performance come from? In addition to the daily reception, the store staff also has an important task, which is to invite customers to come to the store to buy products and increase our customer flow through telephone, wechat, QQ and other communication methods. Have you done all this

6. Regular customer referral mode

what kind of customers are the most likely to clinch a deal, one by one? Yes, they are introduced by regular customers. So we should do some brand maintenance in the off-season, go to the homes of old customers to help them with product care, take the opportunity to ask if there are relatives or friends decorating their new houses, and ask them to help introduce them. I believe that when they see our good service, they will help us. Pro, now you know how to improve the traffic and how to increase the performance

7. Brand alliance mode

through the alliance, many brands have tasted the benefits of maximizing the benefits of activities such as gathering firewood, concentrating on major events, resource sharing, and one-stop shopping. Although the effect is not as good as before, for the current building materials industry, we have no choice for passenger flow and performance before there is no new model. Of course, if the group purchase will do well, the on-site sales will still generate good sales. Even if the on-site sales are not very ideal, we will carry out more accurate brand publicity among the potential consumers present, so as to attract the customers present to come to the exclusive store to buy in the subsequent time, and increase our customer flow

passenger flow is the basis of sales volume. Now you can count your daily, weekly and monthly passenger flow. If the passenger flow is not ideal, please refer to the above methods for operation. If the implementation is in place, I believe it will be effective. Hennessy's family, let's run together in 2016




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