Modern Japanese style feels Zen in simplicity

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Oriental courtyard pays attention to the spiritual tranquility brought by the harmonious interaction between human and nature, and inspires human wisdom in a peaceful atmosphere. Whether it's a big garden or a small balcony, if you can give yourself a quiet Eastern way meditation space in the noisy city, your body and mind will be relieved and relaxed

flagstone Road, Buddha statue and blessing bell add a lot of Oriental flavor to the garden

inspiration from Zen

Alicia was deeply moved by the simple and quiet atmosphere emanating from the Oriental courtyard when she traveled in Japan. After returning home, she applied those Oriental elements to her new Italian villa in California. "What I want is a garden full of Oriental Zen style", Alicia said

Japanese courtyard emphasizes the cultivation of people's sentiment and wisdom through gardening. Zen advocates simple ideas, and using this concept to design gardens is also wonderful. Zen thought in gardening is to create an outdoor paradise for the soul to rest, which is a good place to regain childhood innocence and fun. Just as Alicia understood, a small flower petal has the charm that makes butterflies linger. It can also attract humans and become the first step to lead you into the Zen world. Eastern Zen believes that the beauty of nature exists in simplicity and loftiness. A flower, a drop of dew, and a grain of sand are all bridges to the Zen world. In Zen, nature is the only theme and the gate to the depths of people's hearts

the small wooden door at the entrance can only be passed by bending down, which gives people an oriental sense of humility

learn from oriental aesthetics

however, it is not easy to build an oriental Zen style garden. Alicia found landscape designer Maggie to help realize her garden dream. "Maggie understands my idea," Alicia said. "She has a vivid blueprint for the garden in her mind, a sense of space and imagination, and her superb skill in turning imagination into reality." Maggie built a closed wall around the courtyard, connecting the seemingly different Italian architecture with the Oriental Garden, and creating an atmosphere of isolation in the garden. The winding paths in the garden are paved with irregular stone slabs, guiding guests from one scene to another. All the scenery is not presented in front of the guests at a glance, but every scene is presented in succession with each extension of the path under the cover of columns, rockeries and trees. Maggie said that this is the method of changing scenery advocated by the Oriental courtyard

Maggie also appropriately integrated the elements of traditional Oriental ink painting into the garden design. The simple tone and simple style made the garden look more spacious, and made efforts to create the artistic conception of "leaving blank" in Chinese paintings, further strengthening the sense of quiet in the garden. Maggie said, "Zen in the East pursues the simplicity of spirit, so the elements of the garden should also be as simple as possible. It symbolizes a simple and authentic way of life and makes people feel the beauty of life in the unmodified nature."

the water gurgles down from the bamboo tube and falls into the mossy old stone bowl, which is quite Oriental

enlightenment in tranquility

this garden gives Alicia the ownership of the works of art collected during her travels in Eastern countries for many years. She exhibited many beloved collections in the garden, including a stone Buddha statue with a history of hundreds of years, a bronze prayer clock, glazed dragon decoration, and Japanese stone lamps. They are quietly scattered in every corner of the garden, emitting the mystery and wisdom of the ancient East. Every day, sitting on a rock board in the garden, meditating and practicing yoga make Alicia feel relaxed and happy, She said: "Zen tells us that everyone's life is like a flower. In the journey of life, sometimes the sun is shining, smooth, sometimes the wind and rain are on the way, difficult and changeable. The power of life does not come from the flower itself, but from the foundation deeply rooted in the ground. In the best season, we are in full bloom, as beautiful as the flowers in the garden! This Zen garden not only let me experience the beauty of nature, but also Inspired a lot of feelings about life! "




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