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On March 2, Xiaobian accompanied the supervisor to a villa in Baoshan District. This is a villa with Chinese style orientation, and the decoration construction has reached the late stage of mud wood. The following are the harvest photos of Xiaobian's trip. I'll share them with you and learn the precautions of mud wood engineering at the same time

first of all, when you enter the gate, there is a solid wood closet

expert tips:

Quality Identification of solid wood furniture

the following points need to be checked when purchasing solid wood furniture:

1. Judge whether the furniture is really made of solid wood, or indicate where it is solid wood and where it is man-made board. See the mystery of solid wood: wood grain and scar knot. This is the method of identifying whether the whole solid wood is disclosed by insiders. For example, the appearance of a cabinet door looks like a pattern, so corresponding to the position of the pattern change, look at the corresponding pattern on the back of the cabinet door. If it corresponds well, it is a pure solid wood cabinet door. In addition, looking at the scar knot is also a good way to identify pure wood: look at the location of the scarred side, and then look for the corresponding pattern on the other side

2. What kind of tree is solid wood made of, which directly affects the price and quality. In the north, beech, white oak, Manchurian ash, elm, catalpa, rubber and oak are usually used for ordinary solid wood furniture, while “ Rosewood, chicken wing wood, red sandalwood ”. The market of solid wood furniture is relatively chaotic, and there are often things like shoddy products and confusing tree species. It is best to buy brand-name products. At the same time, pay attention to that the price of wood can only be higher and higher, and there is definitely fraud if it is too cheap

3. Observe the quality of wood. Open the furniture cabinet door and drawer, and observe whether the wood is dry and white, and whether the texture is tight and delicate. If the furniture made of particleboard, density board and one-time molding board is used, it is required that there should be no pungent smell after opening the cabinet door or drawer

4. Observe whether the wood has defects. The main stress-bearing parts of furniture, such as columns and load-bearing bars near the ground between connecting columns, should not have large knots, cracks or cracks. The structure shall be firm, the frame shall not be loose, and tenon cutting and material cutting are not allowed. Don't buy shaving boards that are sawn, nailed, and painted ” One for three ”; Don't buy the ones with no mess on the upper, no tenon on the plug, and no belt on the bottom ” Three noes ” Furniture made of drawers. The wood-based panel components used on furniture should be edge sealed, and the installation of various accessories should not be less, missing nails, through nails

5. Observe the plate surface strength. The board surface can be stressed with fingers to feel the fastness of the board surface. One side of the material should be fixed with a well shaped fixed frame. If the skeleton is sparse, it will feel empty and unreal when pressing the surface, and the panel vibrates greatly; The drawer bottom plate should be pressed by hand to test the strength. Generally, the bottom of the partition plate is usually made of laminated plates, and the partition plate with large area should be made of five layers. The switch of cabinet door and drawer should be flexible. When the panel is covered with thin wood and other materials, the color should be similar to that of the complete set of products, and the paint film on the surface of the product is not allowed to wrinkle, stick or leak paint

6. check whether there are drawers or door frames tilted, and whether there are parts tilted due to low process level, such as skewed mortise eye position, too large eye hole, loose mortise, etc. Wooden furniture should have safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors are opened 90 degrees, gently pull them forward by hand, and the cabinet cannot automatically tip forward; The glass of the bookcase door should be polished; The dressing mirror and dressing table should be installed with a back plate, and the batten should fix the glass surface. Individual parts of furniture (such as legs, drawers, cabinet doors or brackets, etc.) must have enough supporting capacity. You should gently push the top corner of the furniture or sit aside to try whether the furniture is firm




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