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A few days ago, I saw someone complaining in the circle of friends that he had not slept all night because of the noise of the air conditioner outside his room at night. Xiaobian also had the experience of being awakened by vehicles roaring on the road outside his house

with the continuous expansion of urban population and the continuous expansion of modern industry and transportation, our living environment is becoming more and more noisy. Traffic noise, industrial noise, construction noise and social noise will all affect us

it will not only affect sleep, work and life, but also damage hearing, especially the elderly, children and pregnant women. Being in this environment for a long time, it is very easy to cause physical and psychological diseases, which must be paid attention to

relevant data show that 90% of the external noise comes from doors and windows, because compared with walls, the thickness of doors and windows is lower, and the sound insulation effect is far less than that of walls. So it is particularly important to choose sound proof doors and windows? In addition to its good performance in heat insulation, the aluminum doors and windows of angel broken bridge also have excellent performance in sound insulation

good sound insulation performance

Angel bridge cutoff aluminum sound insulation doors and windows have tight seams, multi cavity structure, multiple compression rubber seals, and air sound insulation meets the standard, which can ensure tranquility and comfort even in downtown

excellent heat insulation performance

anger bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows adopt multi cavity structure and low thermal conductivity materials, with wind pressure resistance reaching industry standards, safe and reliable, and good energy-saving, sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation performance

good sealing performance

the aluminum doors and windows of anger broken bridge have good water tightness and air tightness, which can resist strong winds, rainstorms, sand and dust, and create a warm and comfortable living space for you


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