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The implementation of the policy on the access conditions of the waste tire utilization industry

in order to implement the access conditions of the tire retreading industry and the access conditions of the waste tire comprehensive utilization industry, and standardize the development of the waste tire comprehensive utilization industry, on April 2, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the Interim Measures for the administration of the announcement on the access of the waste tire comprehensive utilization industry, which will be implemented from May 1. This means that the highly concerned waste tire comprehensive utilization industry has a "license" for the first time, and the access conditions are truly implemented

the measures stipulates that the existing waste tire comprehensive utilization enterprises obtain the access qualification in the form of filling in and submitting applications. The Ministry of industry and information technology will issue an announcement to enterprises whose comprehensive production capacity, sales revenue, industrial layout, process equipment, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection facilities and other indicators meet the requirements

in order to achieve sustainable growth, caoqing, Secretary General of the waste rubber comprehensive utilization branch of China Rubber Industry Association, believes that this is the only way to standardize China's waste tire recycling system, which is like an enterprise's production license. Only when the access conditions are met can it obtain production qualification

Cao Qingxin said that China produced about 283million waste tires in 2012, with a mass of 10.18 million tons. It is expected that this figure will exceed 20million tons by 2020. For a long time, the recycling of waste tires in China has been dominated by individual practitioners, creating opportunities for some non-standard workshop type small enterprises, disrupting the order of the industry and polluting the environment. The introduction of the measures will raise the entry threshold, promote the optimization and upgrading of enterprises, and effectively improve the technology and management level of comprehensive utilization of resources

Xiao pingzhong, chairman of Shanghai Xiaoyou Rubber Co., Ltd., and Xiao Guanlu, chairman of Dujiangyan new era industry and Trade Co., Ltd., put more emphasis on the cost, but also on the safety company. With the introduction of the measures, the following agreements include: product name, trademark, factory name, address, specification, nominal internal weight, production date, inspector and so on, we should strengthen the supervision of the industry, so that those enterprises that "fish in troubled waters" have no room for survival

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