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The implementation of fracas system in Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

is imperative.

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.") has more than 50 years of diesel engine manufacturing experience, has domestic leading diesel engine product technology research and development capabilities, and has a relatively perfect quality assurance system. With the intensification of competition in the diesel engine market and the gradual improvement of the understanding of reliability, the company has established an independent reliability functional department and set up a full-time reliability engineer to manage the reliability design, analysis and test work of the whole company, and achieved certain results. However, with the in-depth development of reliability work, the management of fault information becomes less and less systematic. In the past, it mainly relied on the thankless S4 and S5 of artificial appearance, and even almost pushed the three stars to the abyss of doom and semi-automatic way to process fault information. The work efficiency is not high, the fault information is not fully utilized, and the impact analysis of fault mode The data support of reliability work items such as reliability evaluation is insufficient, so it is imperative to establish fracas system

fracas is the abbreviation of "failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system", which means "failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system", sometimes referred to as "failure 337 indoor air information closed-loop management system". Fracas uses the principle of "information feedback, closed-loop control" and through a set of standardized procedures, so that the faults of products can be reported in time, the causes can be found out, the correct correction can be made, and the reproduction can be prevented, so as to realize the growth of product reliability and meet the expected requirements of product reliability

Fracas is a working system and an information system. When establishing fracas system, first of all, establish fracas management organization to ensure the smooth progress of each process of fracas until the closed loop; Secondly, there should be corresponding fracas management specifications to ensure that fracas can carry out closed-loop management of fault information according to scientific, standardized and institutionalized methods; In addition, fracas software platform needs to be established to manage all the information generated by fracas in various processes through fracas management software, ensure the integrity and availability of data, and improve the operation efficiency of fracas

fracas technology can be used to carry out perfect closed-loop management of product fault information, establish fault information database, accumulate enterprise reliability engineering experience, and provide good data support and experience support for the implementation of other reliability work projects. Therefore, fracas technology is very suitable for solving the current reliability problems of Shangchai company

only by introducing an advanced closed-loop management system of fault information, can we effectively implement closed-loop management of product faults, make full use of reliability data, continuously improve the quality and reliability of products, and provide a solid guarantee for the subsequent development of Shangchai company. After investigation and feasibility analysis, Shanghai Diesel decided to cooperate with Beijing Yuntong Hengda Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuntong company") to introduce fracas technology and strive to fundamentally solve the above problems

in August 2004, Shangchai company officially established a cooperative relationship with express company, and the two parties jointly established a fracas project team in this period of price competition, and established the fracas system of Shangchai company according to the following three steps:

Step 1: fracas demand analysis. Analyze the work scope, purpose, requirements, processes and methods of fracas, and establish the fracas management specification of Shanghai Diesel company

step 2: introduce appropriate fracas software through investigation and configure it according to the fracas requirements and management specifications of Shanghai Diesel Engine Company

step 3: fracas test run, find and solve problems

demand analysis

before fracas demand analysis, the project team first analyzed and diagnosed the reliability problems existing in Shangchai company. According to the requirements of fracas technology, combined with the enterprise characteristics and product characteristics of Shangchai company, the demand analysis was carried out in the following aspects:

1 Fracas organization

set up a corrective action board cab in Shangchai company as the organization of fault information management, and its daily affairs are managed by the reliability management department. Cab has established the procedures and methods of closed-loop management of fault information, formulated the procedures and methods of closed-loop management of fault information of Shangchai company, stipulated fracas for R & D, quality, production, after-sales service and other departments, and also stipulated the requirements of fault information management for suppliers of accessories

2. Fault information collection

the fault information of diesel engine products comes from two aspects: one is the three guarantee information of diesel engine. The existing CRM system is used to record the diesel engine fault repair information, which is the information fed back by users and belongs to the field information; The other is the information of internal diesel engine quality problems, including any fault information of various departments of the plant, including diesel engine products. The information of these two aspects is required to be imported into fracas in a complete and timely manner

3. Fault information closed-loop management

fault information closed-loop management is the core of fracas. After the analysis and discussion of the project, the fault information management of Shangchai company is divided into four links (see Figure 1):

Figure 1 fault information closed-loop management process

A. fault report: determine the fault information to enter the closed-loop management, describe the fault information in detail, conduct preliminary analysis and classification, and generate a fault report

b. fault analysis: find and determine the root cause of the fault, put forward recommended corrective measures, and generate a fault analysis report

c. fault correction: determine the corrective measures, analyze the corrective measures, determine the implementation plan, implementation effect and remaining problems of the corrective measures, and generate the corrective measures report

d. fault closed loop: analyze and correct the risk, determine whether the fault has been fundamentally solved, draw inferences from one instance, and put forward active measures to prevent the recurrence of the fault

4. Reuse of fault information

establish a fault information database through fracas, study the rules and methods of reuse, so that fracas information can be fully reused, and provide data basis and experience support for other reliability work. The project carries out the demand analysis of information reuse in the following aspects:

A. establish the fault mode Manual of diesel engine products to provide support for FMEA work

b. establish the reliability evaluation method of diesel engine products, and evaluate the reliability parameters such as B10 and MTBF of diesel engine products

c. identify the key reliability components of diesel engine products, formulate reliability design criteria for them, and provide experience support for subsequent product research and development

d. establish the reliability growth plan of diesel engine products to promote the continuous reliability improvement of products

according to the fracas demand analysis, building the fracas system and changing the traditional fragmented management mode can not only effectively carry out closed-loop management of current faults, but also prevent similar faults in future new products, and achieve product reliability growth through prevention and improvement

implementation of fracas

according to fracas demand analysis, corresponding professional software should be equipped to assist in fracas work. Using fracas professional software, we can systematically and scientifically manage the information of all links in fracas work, fundamentally realize the electronic information management mode, avoid repetitive work, and greatly improve the work efficiency of fracas. At the same time, automobile OEMs with more and more data can start to consider choosing environmental protection materials with low emission characteristics to improve the air quality in vehicles, which can be saved in a unified database for statistics and analysis, and is conducive to the reuse of fracas information

after investigation and analysis, Shanghai Diesel decided to choose the relex fracas software of American relex company as the supporting software of Shanghai Diesel fracas system

the project team composed of technicians from Shangchai company and express company studied and determined the relex fracas software workflow (see Figure 2) and customization scheme according to the requirements analysis results of fracas, and jointly completed the customization of the software

Figure 2 the fracas system process of Shanghai Diesel Engine Company

relex fracas software customization mainly includes the following aspects:

a. customize the role of the implementation personnel, assign work tasks for each member, implement the work, grant corresponding permissions, and match the work interface to realize the duties and position of each department

b. customize the information process, content and interface of fracas, realize the unification and standardization of work interface and the automation of office process, so as to facilitate the centralized and unified management of fracas work managers

c. analyze and customize the data, determine the key parts, important parts, failure prone parts, etc. of the product, customize various statistical analysis diagrams, customize the calculation methods of reliability parameter values such as MTTF and MTBF values under various conditions, customize the reliability design criteria and the generation rules of failure mode manual

d. customized alarm handling of abnormal situations, which makes up for some loopholes in management in daily work and emergency handling of major events

e. customize the real-time monitoring module for managers to help managers grasp the product fault status and judge the fault development trend in real time

implementation effect

after completing the customization work, the fracas implementation project team began to select some departments in Shangchai company to carry out fracas trial operation, and in the process of trial operation, to find more effective fracas solutions that are more in line with the actual situation of Shangchai company. Through continuous operation and improvement, a mature fracas system is finally formed

the successful implementation of fracas system enables Shangchai company to realize the standardized management of fault information of diesel engine products at all levels, concentrate on fundamentally solving major and repeated faults, achieve reliability growth, enhance market competitiveness, and reduce life cycle costs; At the same time, fracas system can also provide data basis for other reliability work, and promote the comprehensive development of reliability work of diesel engine products of Shanghai Diesel Engine Company. (end)

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