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Implementation of PLM based missile outsourcing system integration technology

with the development of industrialization and informatization in China, the ordnance manufacturing industry will face paperless operations in the design, production and sales of missile products, which requires a high degree of integration of various systems. At present, most domestic military enterprises have realized product data management (PDM) in the design and manufacturing of missiles and arrows, but it cannot be based on product lifecycle management (PLM). Therefore, the author 12. Separated the console from the host, developed the missile and arrow outsourcing subsystem, missile and arrow user feedback system and other subsystems, and integrated them with the PDM platform with smartcam as the core, The paperless management of the whole life cycle of missiles and arrows is realized, the degree of information integration and sharing is greatly improved, the product development cycle is greatly shortened, and the design cost is reduced. This paper will focus on the integration technology of missile outsourcing system and PDM platform

1 overall system architecture

the system is generally divided into three levels: the outsourcing system and other systems constitute the user layer, the PDM platform with smartteam as the core as the management layer, and the database with SQL Server2000 as the underlying layer as the support layer. The C/S architecture is adopted, that is, taking SmarTeam as the integration platform, the missile outsourcing system is integrated through the application integration interface, and the data information sharing is realized in the same local area, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 overall system architecture

in order to integrate other systems with smartteam to realize PLM, the research and implementation of its integration technology is the key. As a relatively mature PDM software, SmarTeam cannot consider the specific use requirements of each user. Users often have many special functional requirements according to their own characteristics. In this regard, the author carries out secondary development on the basis of smartteam to achieve the practical function of integrating other systems with smartteam

2 secondary development of smartteam

smartteam system provides users with a powerful secondary development package (AP Binzhou wants to build five hundred billion level industrial clusters I programming interface), so that users can develop practical functions that can integrate with the smartteam system according to their own requirements, so as to solve the special problems faced by users. The development methods supported by SmarTeam include embedded VB, executing program calls, and registering dynamic link library (DLL) calls

com objects provided by SmarTeam can implement interfaces with applications. COM is a platform independent, distributed and object-oriented system, which can be used to interact and communicate with other systems. Com provides the following functions

1) plug in capability: directly add new components to existing applications without re creating applications

2) it can interact with other objects independent of the working environment

3) information of a certain process can be obtained from other processes or from remote devices

com is a standardized, object-oriented programming environment, including object types, standard methods, and naming conventions. Encapsulating the data association with COM objects is realized through the interface object of the object. An interface is a class, and some member classes, or subclasses, are also defined under the class. When an instance of a class is created, the interface of the instance is associated with the object

smartteam provides users with 17 API function libraries for application development, and defines rich smartteam objects for users, including database access, smartteam application access, smartteam standard interface access, integrated development tool application, SmartERP adapter and SmartERP synchronization server, message service, smartxml library, etc. Smartteam API is a program development kit based on smartteam. Using API functions, an interface program for exchanging data between smartteam and external applications can be developed. By writing an application program containing the smartteam API, you can realize the seamless integration of smartteam and any windows software, and achieve the purpose of resource sharing. This paper calls 4 of the 17 API function libraries to realize integration (see Table 1)

3 system integration implementation

3.1 integration mode implementation

application tool integration mode is divided into three levels from low to high: application encapsulation, interface exchange and tight integration. Although application packaging is relatively simple, it has many shortcomings and limitations; The interface exchange integration mode provides relatively close system integration, but in this integration mode, only the asynchronous consistency of data can be maintained; Tight integration can call related services to each other, and truly realize integration, but it is difficult in technology and high in related costs. Considering various factors comprehensively, this paper adopts the interface exchange integration mode to carry out the integrated development between systems

the interface exchange integration mode is to extract the data model that needs to be shared between the missile outsourcing system and smartearn, and define it in the product data model of smartteam, so that they have a unified data structure. Under the guidance of the shared data model between the application system and PDM system, through the data exchange interface, the missile outsourcing information data object is automatically created into the smartteam, so that the two remain asynchronous and consistent, and the seamless application integration between the missile outsourcing system and the smartteam system is realized

3.2 function module implementation

3.2.1 login module

the underlying database is managed by smartteam. If the missile outsourcing system wants to realize the data interaction with smartteam, it can only operate the data through smartteam. Therefore, a login module must be created in the subsystem to establish a dialog connection with it. Before data operations, you must log in and establish a connection. After all operations are completed, you must log out and terminate the dialog

3.2.2 information operation module

the missile outsourcing system is mainly responsible for submitting the relevant information of outsourced parts required by the product, which is handed over to smartteam for unified management, and multi-dimensional query of its information (such as by type, model, time, manufacturer, etc.) to achieve information summary. It can also modify the information, and make the smartteam data complete synchronous update after submission. If necessary, the information can be arranged into a report and printed out for the reference of purchasing personnel

3.3 integration process implementation

1) log in to SmarTeam, and the system will judge whether there is currently a login user, and if so, automatically obtain the login information; If it does not exist, a login link dialog box is established. Here, you must enter the correct user name and password with a thickness of (2.0 0.2) mm for user management and authority management test pieces

2) establish a link with the smartteam database to exchange information

3) assign relevant data information to the corresponding newobject attribute and judge whether there is a file to upload

4) create a savedialog object to save the data, and display the dialog box "smartteam save as above is the content of the installation protection performance experiment of the tensile testing machine". Select the node location where the data is uploaded and save it. At this time, the relevant data information will automatically add a child leaf under the selected node, as shown in Figure 3

5) log out of SMAR tearm and disconnect from the server

4 conclusion

since the API functions and scripting language provided by smartteam are all in Visual Basic language, VB is mostly used in subsystem and data upload. If the subsystem is made by other programming tools, it can also be integrated by calling some VB executable files. Applying the integration technology in this paper, you can also upload files and annotate the uploaded files on the smartteam management platform, but you can't achieve tight integration, which is the goal of future research work. The application of system integration technology based on the secondary development of SmarTeam can realize the whole life management of projectile and arrow products, and greatly improve the equipment manufacturing level of China's military enterprises, which is of great practical significance. (end)

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