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Accident prevention in daily operation of gas stations

1. After the oil tank truck enters the station and stops at the designated position, before unloading, the engine will shut down and connect the electrostatic grounding wire to ensure effective connection, with the front of the truck facing the side of the road exit

2. Before unloading, carefully check the certificate, check whether the oil in the vehicle is consistent with the oil in the tank, and close the valves connected with other oil tanks for common pipelines to prevent oil mixing accidents

3. When unloading oil to the storage tank, the driver and the oil unloader should stick to their posts and send someone to supervise them. Two 8kg dry powder fire extinguishers should be prepared on site, and the normal load should be 2n. The fire equipment should be placed in the upwind direction of oil unloading

4. During the unloading process, the oil tanker shall not ignite and start at will and move the parking space

5. It is forbidden to unload oil in thunderstorm days

6. It is best to unload the oil in a closed manner and connect the unloading oil pipe with a quick connector. (at present, oil and gas recovery system has been adopted in various places, and our company has not installed it yet)

7. In order to prevent static electricity caused by oil splashing impact during oil unloading, the inlet pipe end of the oil storage tank should extend to 200mm (0.2m) from the tank bottom

8. After unloading the oil, the oil tanker cannot be started immediately, and the impact resistance is the main factor considered in the design. It should be started after the oil and gas around the tanker dissipate (about 5 minutes)

II. Accident prevention of refueling operation

1. Drivers and passengers of refueling vehicles shall not affect the safety of the gas station after entering the station

2. After the refueling vehicle reaches the limited position, the engine shall be shut down, and the driver shall not repair or clean the vehicle here

3. The oiler should operate the oil gun by himself

4 in fact, composite carbon metal is not a high-tech product. When high-strength lightning and lightning strikes are frequent, it is forbidden to clamp ③ in detail. Generally, excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel are used to stop refueling operations. Do not refuel plastic containers

5. When the fuel dispenser breaks down or endangers the safety of the gas station, stop refueling immediately

6. The oil spilled on the ground during operation should be cleaned in time, and chemical fiber fabric should not be used to wipe the car body and ground near the fuel dispenser and automobile fuel tank

7. When the gas station is closed, the fuel dispenser must be turned off, the power supply must be cut off, and the door must be locked

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