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Implementation of Jinan urban demolition management measures

the highly concerned "Jinan urban housing demolition management measures" is not prone to safety hazards such as surface wall falling off and water leakage, which was officially issued on April 27 and will be implemented from now on. These measures are applicable to those who need compensation and resettlement for the relocated people when carrying out house demolition on state-owned land in the urban planning area of this city. Compared with the previous demolition management methods, the new law has many major changes

"compulsory demolition" has restrictions

before the implementation of compulsory demolition, the demolisher shall handle evidence preservation with the notary organ on the matters related to the demolished house. The demolisher and relevant units shall not change the original basic living conditions of the demolished person and the House Lessee that have not been relocated, such as water supply, power supply, gas supply, heating, transportation, etc., and shall not dismantle the buildings and structures that hinder the safety and normal use of their houses

no unit or individual shall force the demolished person and the lessee of the house to sign the demolition compensation and resettlement agreement or relocate by means of violence, coercion, fraud and other means

the compensation standard for demolition is "increased"

the amount of monetary compensation for demolished residential houses is determined according to the market price evaluation of new ordinary commercial houses within the location of the demolished houses; The specific location, building standard, structure, level, orientation, renovation and other factors of the demolished house in the location shall be considered during the evaluation. The scope of the location is bounded by the scope of land for demolition designated by the planning and management department

the minimum compensation area for house demolition is 43 square meters

according to the analysis of authorities, the new compensation method evaluates the demolished houses with the new ordinary commercial houses in the same location as the reference, which can maintain a small reasonable price difference and actually improve the demolition compensation standard

the measures therefore stipulates that the demolished person or the lessee of public housing has only one set of residential housing, and the area of the housing is lower than the minimum housing design area specified in the compulsory standard of Lijia required for the tearing along the long axis recorded by the National Laboratory machine (hereinafter referred to as the minimum housing area standard we see in the world, such as pulling, pressing, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, wearing, etc.), The demolisher shall resettle the house according to the minimum apartment area standard or convert it into a construction area of 43 square meters for monetary compensation

demolition is used for residential construction, and the demolisher shall be resettled on the spot

according to the regulations, the scope of demolition is used for residential housing construction. If the demolished person requires to implement the house property right exchange and resettlement on the spot and can meet the requirements of the house property right exchange and resettlement of the demolished person according to the approved construction project plan, the demolisher shall be resettled on the spot. Demolition of residential houses, the scope of demolition is used for non residential construction, and relocation is implemented

relocation houses must be legal new houses

local resettlement houses should have architectural design schemes approved by the planning management department. The houses resettled in different places should be newly-built houses with the conditions of "house ownership certificate" or house ownership confirmation registration. If other houses are provided, the delivery time and conditions shall be specified in the agreement

the demolition of "wild buildings" will not be compensated and resettled.

the measures stipulates that the demolition of illegal buildings will not be compensated and resettled. The Builder shall demolish by himself within the demolition period; If it fails to demolish itself within the time limit, the demolisher shall apply to the comprehensive law enforcement organ of urban management for investigation and punishment according to law

according to the above provisions, illegal old village reconstruction houses and other illegal buildings that boast under various false pretexts will not be able to enjoy any compensation when they are demolished in the future

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