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The new Han NSA 3130 1U network security platform achieves the best balance between performance and cost

nsa 3130 is a 1U rack network security platform, which can support many types of processors, including the latest Intel Xeon Ev2 series processors. NSA 3130 is configured with 8 LAN ports, and each port can provide 10/100/1000 MPs network connection, supporting LAN bypass. Configure a pcle x 8 expansion slot, and users can open the expansion slot at any time to obtain faster networking speed and higher performance. Therefore, the cost-effective NSA 3130 is an ideal choice for enterprises of all sizes to deploy network security platforms

nsa 3130 network security platform supports a variety of types of processors, including the latest Intel Xeon Ev2 series processors, high-end second-generation Intel Core series, Intel Pentium and traditional Intel Celeron processors, and supports up to 8GB DDR3 1066/1333 MHz memory. The platform adopts Intel 82583v Gigabit Ethernet controller and supports various speed connections such as 10/100/1000 MPs

nsa 3130 is configured with 8 GBE LAN ports, which can support the network processing of the same number of connected devices. At the same time, four groups of LAN bypass can also be configured to ensure the smooth implementation of network communication in the case of a single point of failure. NSA 3130 is applicable to firewall, VPN, intrusion detection and protection, unified processing management and other applications

in order to improve the overall performance and supplementary functions, the NSA 3130 rear interface is configured with a PCIe X8, which can be applied to a variety of additional cards. For example, functions such as packet classification, compression and decompression, or encryption and decryption can be added in this way. Other peripherals include a CFAST slot or a flash card slot for storage units, which constitute an intangible market with wide coverage and convenient transactions

nsa 3130 is small in size and 1U chassis, which achieves an excellent balance between performance and price, so it is a wise choice for network applications in enterprises of all sizes

applicable to



intrusion detection protection

unified management (UTM)

main features

1U rack mounted network security platform

Intel Xeon Ev2 series processor

maximum support 8GB DDR3 1066/1333 memory

onboard 8 GBE LAN ports

support 1 PCIe X8 expansion

built in one 3.5-inch HDD or two 2.5-inch HDDs (optional)

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