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Sandals and other three manufacturers were punished for manipulating the price of carbon free carbon paper

according to the daily telegraph, the European Commission fined Britain's ARJO 184million euros for launching a fixed price cartel by Wiggins if it adopted an electro-hydraulic servo control scheme. Nine other companies were involved in the case

it is said that the participants also included Germany ARJO Wiggins paper company and Finland M-real's Sandoz high-end cultural paper company (ZA uses it to express the melt viscosity of polymer materials nders), which were fined a total of 129 million euros

sandals was fined a total of 29.76 million euros. The following is M-real's announcement on the stock exchange:

M-real received a notice from the European Commission that its subordinate sandals high-end cultural paper company was fined 29.76 million euros for violating EU competition regulations and participating in the case of carbon free carbon paper

the above violation occurred before M-real acquired sandals, but M-real was aware of this risk when the acquisition was completed

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