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Peek pre impregnated tixpref composite fabric achieves 65% fiber content

to reduce the manufacturing cost of composite materials, shortening the production cycle is one of the key requirements. Recently, Victrex polymer division and tissa galsweberei AG, a well-known enterprise in glass fiber continuous weaving technology, jointly developed an innovative composite fabric material, which will be launched under the trade name of tissa - tixpreftm

this composite fabric material is made of unidirectional tape composed of S2 glass fiber or carbon fiber fully impregnated with high-performance Victrex peek polymer. Tixpref composite fabric materials can help customers significantly shorten the processing cycle required when pressing composite fabrics into composite parts, up to 50% (sheet parts can shorten more time)

tissa tixpref has a fiber content of 65%, which makes it have many advantages including excellent mechanical properties

it comes from the characteristics of thermoplastic materials - tixpref composites are less likely to be damaged than composites based on thermosetting resin, and have high fatigue strength and stiffness. The perfect combination of fiber and matrix can not only prolong the service life of composite parts, but also reduce the weight of the structure. In addition, this composite fabric is safe and easy to process, which is very suitable for automatic process and low-pressure thermal curing (OOA) manufacturing method

albert VOD, European composite market manager of Victrex polymer division, the high-end configuration of the electronic universal testing machine is mainly reflected in the high-precision photoelectric encoder ermayer said: "these features are due to the outstanding functional characteristics of Victrex peek polymer. That is, the service temperature is as high as 260 ℃ (500 ° f) Excellent chemical resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents, outstanding wear resistance, excellent static and dynamic load mechanical properties, etc. In addition, Victrex peek polymer does not contain solvents, which can be recycled and reused. Due to the inherent characteristics of thermoplastic materials, it can be stored at room temperature, and the number of cycles can reach 1000. Therefore, the super capacitor avoids cold storage and additional storage costs. Thus, tissa composite is an environmentally friendly product. "

in view of the positive response of customers to the first sample, tissa is now going further and still uses Victrex peek polymer to develop non crimp fabrics (NCF) composites. The non buckling fabric is woven by two groups of fibers to prevent the fluctuation of reinforcing fiber components. In tixpref, the unidirectional belt and the composite fabric are in a straight line, so that the reinforced parts can be obtained, and then the most rigid decoration hammer can be cast through injection molding. Tissa's flexible production technology makes it possible to combine fibers and substrates in a variety of ways. The resulting composite fabric materials are suitable for components that do not need complex shapes in aerospace, industrial and medical fields, such as planar structures and panels. Heat the prepreg for minutes and press it to form, which can process a 2mm thick flat plate structure. If special molds are used, delicate parts with stiffeners or inserts, or both, can be produced

tissa actively cooperates with OEM manufacturers, designers, parts and mold manufacturers. In a wide range of application fields, composite fabrics made of Victrex peek polymers are used to replace metals and thermosetting materials, and relevant samples can be provided

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