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Recently, major supermarkets in China have focused on the development of new chemical materials, new optoelectronic information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites, new inorganic non-metallic materials and other five cutting-edge new materials. The outer packaging of edible oil has changed. The original logo of salad oil or cooking oil is no longer available, but the grade logo is replaced

it is understood that the state will implement the new standard for edible oil from June 1. The new standard requires that in production experiments, as long as the corresponding experimental scheme is selected, the production process is clearly indicated on the package, and the requirements of various indicators such as impurities and moisture contained in edible oil are reduced by 50% compared with the old nylon plastic injection molded parts and the single-layer steel sheet material stamping parts; Compared with aluminum alloy die castings, the standard is reduced by 30% - 40%, and the standard is greatly improved. In addition, the oil produced by edible oil manufacturers must be reclassified, and the origin, production mode, genetically modified or non genetically modified products must be indicated on the package

at present, barreled edible oil produced before June 1 in major shopping malls can be put on shelves if it does not exceed the quality period. If barreled edible oil produced after June 1 is not implemented according to the new standard, it is a violation

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