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The implementation of Shanghai Petrochemical Distribution Automation System

this paper introduces the design idea, system functions, characteristics of Shanghai Petrochemical Distribution Automation System and the application of nas9 plus power station automation system in Shanghai petrochemical distribution system

1. Project overview

the distribution system of Shanghai Petrochemical polyolefin unit includes five distribution stations, including 4PE (6kV) substation, 3PP (6kV) substation, circulating water plant (6kV) substation, mixing silo (6kV) substation and 35kV general drop substation. The "35kV total voltage drop" xin3zhou also cooperates with a Korean enterprise to have two 35kV incoming lines, two main transformers and two 10kV outgoing lines. Other sub stations have two 6kV incoming lines, single bus sectional wiring, 6kV outgoing lines with a total of about 75 circuits, and 16 400V switches requiring remote control

the whole monitoring system adopts computer integrated automation mode, including a control center and five sub stations. Among them, the sub stations are designed in an unattended manner. Alstom integrated protection device is used for high-voltage part, Schneider low-voltage measurement and control device is used for 400V incoming line part, and nas900 integrated automation system is used for other monitoring and computer systems. The whole system adopts a fully distributed open system structure to realize the data exchange with the plant level MIS system

2. Design principles

(1) the distribution automation system of Shanghai Petrochemical polyolefin unit adopts the mode of microcomputer integrated automation system to ensure that the power station can realize "unattended" (few people on duty); The hardware equipment adopts industrial control computers that are suitable for industrial environment, advanced technology, convenient maintenance and high performance price ratio, and the units with the same functions in the system adopt devices or models with the same models and parameters

(2) the power distribution automation system of Shanghai Petrochemical polyolefin plant adopts a fully distributed open structure. Based on the principles of reliability, safety, economy, applicability, advanced technology and easy expansion, the production, installation, test and operation of the whole system meet the corresponding standards

(3) the automation system adopts IEEE802.3 Ethernet structure, and each computer hanging on the Ethernet adopts WindowsNT operating system. The latest achievements of the industry are fully considered in the design of the system and the selection of equipment, and the system software adopts the full Chinese interface

(4) the main nodes and main equipment of the system adopt redundant configuration, and the operator workstation and the communication system from the master station to the sub station adopt redundant configuration and are in hot standby state. The system has high reliability. A partial fault or component damage of the system will not affect the normal operation of other parts or cause malfunction

(5) the automation system shall adapt to the requirements of the site environment of the power station and meet the operating habits of the operators of the power station. The system is set with necessary hardware and software in the way of manual priority and lower level priority or other working methods in which the order volume of the owner decreases by more than 20% year-on-year, so that the operating personnel can easily choose the control right of the equipment between each control layer, between computer control and simplified conventional control equipment, and close the control equipment that has no right to control

3. System composition

the distribution automation system of Shanghai Petrochemical polyolefin plant is equipped with a control center and five control sub stations. The five sub stations are 4PE (6kV) sub station, 3PP (6kV) sub station, circulating water plant (6kV) sub station, mixing silo (6kV) sub station and 35kV general drop sub station. The system composition is shown in the figure

3.1 control substation

in the substation equipment, the 35kV, 10kV and 6kV parts adopt Alstom integrated protection and measurement and control device to complete the protection and measurement and control functions. Schneider low voltage measurement and control units scl50 and PM300 are used for 400V incoming line and sectionalizing switch to complete the measurement and control function. Nas811 measurement and control unit completes the measurement and control functions of other temperature, speed, DC screen signal and 400V

all sub station control units adopt the same mode of screen formation, that is, taking the integrated chemical control computer as the core, and communicating with Alstom integrated protection measurement and control device through kitzl01 protocol converter; Communicate with Schneider scl50 low voltage measurement and control unit through dcl50; It communicates with pbt300 and nas811 measurement and control units through 422/485 bus to complete real-time data acquisition, data processing, control adjustment, man-machine interface, event printing, and is also responsible for transmitting real-time data to the control center and completing the remote control instructions issued by the control center. The collected information includes current, voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, DC voltage, main transformer temperature, motor temperature, speed, switch position, trolley position, various alarm/accident signals and other real-time information

3.2 control center

the control center is composed of two operator workstations, a communication manager and a simulation screen. Two operator workstations and communication management machines are connected by 100M Ethernet

2 operator workstations are responsible for the data collection and processing of each sub station and the control operation of each sub station equipment in the form of dual computer redundancy. Its main functions of many years of research and production experience include:

(1) real time data collection. The two hosts are respectively connected to the order of China's plastic extruder enterprises and have significantly recovered through independent channels. They use the ministerial CDT protocol to communicate with five sub stations. The communication content includes not only the real-time data collected by the sub stations, but also the working conditions of each sub station system

(2) safety monitoring and control displays the operation status, alarm signal, accident signal and computer system operation status of each sub station equipment in various graphic ways. The authorized operator can remotely operate the equipment of each sub station through the man-machine interface

(3) tabulation and printing can modify the report format and statistical cycle according to different requirements of users

(4) data service provides real-time data for the communication manager to refresh the analog screen and plant level MIS system data

(5) analog screen signal reset can be used for analog screen sound reset and light check

the communication manager is responsible for driving the analog screen and providing data services with the plant level MIS system, and also acts as the "five prevention" host

"five prevention" system simulates with the host in the way of communication. The operator can generate an operation ticket after accurate simulation operation. During the simulation operation, the five prevention system checks the rationality according to the logical locking conditions set by the user. When the operation to be carried out by the user violates the locking conditions, the five prevention system will give a warning and prompt the specific reasons. The five prevention system also has the function of operation ticket management. After opening and modifying the existing operation ticket, the user can check the rationality of the operation ticket according to the current system operation status. If the system status meets the conditions required for the operation task of this operation ticket, the ticket can be issued directly

in addition to displaying the operating conditions of each sub station, the simulation screen also has the functions of warning and accident audible alarm

4. Operation and system characteristics

since the successful operation of 35kV general voltage drop and control center in October, 2001, the polyolefin distribution automation system of Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has operated well, and all technical indicators have met the design requirements, making contributions to improving the safety and automation level of petrochemical distribution management

features of this integrated automation system:

(1) high reliability. In addition to selecting industrial products suitable for industrial environment and advanced technology when selecting equipment, redundant configuration is adopted in important links of the system, which improves the reliability of the system

(2) the system has good compatibility and expansibility. The whole system adopts open design, which greatly improves the connection ability with other devices. In addition to various AC quantities, DC quantities and semaphores, the system also exchanges information with various protection and measurement devices by means of communication, and reserves spare interfaces for future system expansion

(3) information exchange with plant level MIS system is realized

(4) it has the functions of analog operation and operation ticket management, which minimizes the possibility of misoperation and greatly improves the safety of switching operation

(5) the system has perfect self inspection, mutual inspection, automatic switching and self recovery functions

(6) the delay alarm function of control loop disconnection is realized in the upper computer system software. (end)

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