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Hebei held a machinery industry experience exchange meeting

in order to summarize and exchange the experience of actively responding to the international financial crisis and increasing the production of a large number of excellent lithium hydroxide products and promoting development, on May 21, the city's machinery industry experience exchange meeting and the expansion meeting of the Standing Council of the municipal machinery industry association were held in Jing County. Li Shuangxi, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and Minister of United Front work, Li Honglin, vice mayor, and Geng Qing and Liu GuoXuan, former municipal leaders attended the meeting

At the meeting, participants visited five

machinery industry enterprises in Jingxian, including Hebei Hengxing Machinery Co., Ltd. and Hebei Dena v-wheel Co., Ltd., and introduced the experience of Jingxian government and typical enterprises in the machinery industry in the city. The meeting was presided over by Li Shuangxi. He pointed out that the machinery industry in our city, regardless of scale or efficiency, ranks first among the four pillar industries in the city and plays a very important role in the economic and social development of the city. It is hoped that all counties and urban areas will attach great importance to the development and construction of the Municipal Machinery Association, and do a good job in vigorously developing members, so that the enterprises participating in the Municipal Machinery Association in all counties and urban areas will reach more than 90% of the total number of local machinery industry enterprises. The more backbone enterprises, the more they should actively join the association, and vigorously. At the same time, people are also shrinking their land area to support the work of the association. At the same time, it is hoped that all the first batch of member enterprises will be good introducers of other enterprises to join the association with the attitude of ownership, develop and manage the association well, and contribute to the economic and social development of the city

on how to promote the steady and healthy development of the machinery industry in our city, Li Honglin stressed that the relevant departments and machinery industry enterprises should first further understand the situation and firmly establish the confidence to overcome difficulties; Second, we should strengthen structural optimization and independent innovation to enhance the competitiveness of the city's machinery industry; Third, the automobile factory should further control the modified particles. In 1999 and 2001, Turkey experienced two consecutive economic crises, stepped up scientific management and continuously improved the level of enterprise management; Fourth, we should further strengthen and fully support the construction of machinery industry associations. At the same time, under the coordination of municipal and county governments, we should do a good job in the connection of local upstream and downstream products, resource integration and "smile service" and actively serve enterprises

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