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Power saving experience and skills

power saving has begun to spread in China. There are not many people who really talk about technology, and even fewer who really talk about technology fairly. Power saving technology is really beneficial to the country and the people. There are usually two categories: one is to artificially control the power waste of equipment; The second is to use energy-saving devices to reduce unnecessary power consumption waste caused by setting Jinan assay to change the technical requirements of the experimental machine. All power saving is based on reducing unnecessary waste

next, I will talk about several common power-saving technologies:

1. Compensation: high voltage compensation and low voltage compensation. At present, most manufacturers can only do low-voltage compensation, and there are not many products that can be done well in low-voltage compensation. Although there are only capacitors and reactors, it is not necessary to design according to the relevant parameters of different on-site electrical nodes. This project has been designed and developed with different physics Polyurethane foam thermal insulation products with chemical properties are clear, which is the reason why system compensation products often burned in the market; It's not that this kind of energy-saving technology doesn't work, but that the designer doesn't know how to design

2. Motor speed regulation: common is high-voltage and low-voltage motor frequency conversion speed regulation. This technology is quite mature. It is a power-saving technology that is very popular in the market. It itself is an advanced transmission regulation of industrial control products, thanks to the growth rate of demand for lighter and more efficient materials

3. Chopper voltage reduction for motor light load operation: the application premise of this kind of products is that the motor has the effect of light load. It is best to have a stable load operation, and the effect will be better. There are also manufacturers' star/triangle conversion to make the motor step-down operation achieve the purpose of energy saving, but the actual effect is not as good as chopper voltage reduction

4. Inductive load lighting voltage reduction of gas discharge lamps: most of these products use transformer electromagnetic coupling phase reverse compensation to reduce the output voltage, so as to reduce the running current of lamps and achieve the purpose of power saving. These products are transformed into power-saving projects, which will more or less lose the illumination of lamps and lanterns

5. Harmonic elimination, filtering, compensation and loss reduction of distribution system: these products are essentially different from high-voltage and low-voltage compensation products. Although they are also capacitors and reactors, their design parameters are quite different. At present, few power-saving manufacturers can do well, and the key is not knowing how to test the on-site electrical parameters

I have many years of experience in energy and power conservation in various industries. I worry about gains and losses. I hope my peers can have a solid foundation to truly bring energy-saving benefits to customers

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