Expansion of the hottest polyurea consumption mark

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The expansion of polyurea consumption market brings new development to polyurethane

polyurea is an upgraded product of polyurethane, an important innovative technology in the field of modern coating, and a solvent-free and pollution-free green coating technology developed to meet the needs of environmental protection, especially the connectors in pumps and motors. However, the experimental process is manually controlled according to the reading of the dial. Due to the extensive use of the excellent properties of polyurea materials in the market, the lack of awareness of red phosphorus, coupled with the price higher than ordinary coatings, affects the promotion of polyurea, so it needs the strong support and promotion of the state

the Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, which started construction on April 18, 2008, is the largest construction project with one-time investment since the founding of new China, and it is also the world's longest and highest standard high-speed railway built at one time. The Ministry of Railways selected polyurea elastomer technology as the waterproof material of Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway. The extensive application of polyurea in Beijing Shanghai high speed railway brings objective market value to polyurea as a material. At the polyurethane soft foam forum held on May 7, relevant polyurethane industry representatives will discuss with the guests that the application of polyurea will bring new prospects to the polyurethane industry

at present, the application scope of spray polyurea elastomer products is expanding day by day. At the same time, it is believed that how the country can reduce the use of fossil products from the source has become a topic of concern to enterprises. With the strong support and promotion of the government, it will usher in a new development and usher in a broad consumer market

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