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At the same time, 2016 China International Tire and wheel (Qingdao) Exhibition - I look forward to it at this moment

China's tire industry has gone through the cold winter of 2015 in the process of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and those who are in it may only know what is wrong. In the past year, the tire industry has experienced changes in international policies, capacity regulation, industrial upgrading, green industry planning and so on. In 2016, in order to better respond to the changes in the tire industry, the China International Tire and wheel (Qingdao) exhibition will be upgraded, starting a prelude to the industrial breakthrough

as one of the largest professional tire industry exhibitions in China, CTF currently enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The last exhibition received 23248 professional visitors from 86 countries and regions in the industry in just three days, and was unanimously recognized by exhibitors and visitors. Influence is the essence accumulated over time. During the more than ten years of exhibition, we only want to live up to the expectations and recognition of people in the industry

the rose blossoms in April are just right, and the flower language symbolizing romance also has the temperament in line with CTF in April. We pursue perfectionism, and are serious with ourselves in every aspect of the exhibition, just for a truly valuable and influential exhibition. The following is the focus of 2016 CTF


the plan of a year lies in spring. In response to the needs of both supply and demand, Qingdao International Tire and wheel exhibition is scheduled to be held in April every year, which is the first spring procurement professional conference in China

geographical advantage

&em is a device SP that is easy to block and leak; The tire output of Shandong Peninsula, led by Qingdao, accounts for 52% of the five frontier new material countries focusing on the development of new chemical materials, new photoelectric information materials, special metals and metal matrix composites, special fiber composites, and new inorganic non-metallic materials. The tire export accounts for 50% of the total export volume of the country, and owns half of the top ten tire brands in the country. With China's second largest port handling foreign trade of 100 million, Qingdao port has become a well-known tire trade center and rubber industry cluster at home and abroad. There is no doubt about the market environment and industrial status


ctf2016 has deeply cooperated with 8 domestic and foreign associations, 5110 contracted buyers at home and abroad, and 83 domestic and foreign media. At the same time, it has participated in comprehensive publicity and promotion activities at tire exhibitions in Singapore, Russia, Essen, Dubai, Panama, the United States (SEMA)

super high return rate - gather popularity and gather brands

on the basis of maintaining the original exhibitors, new exhibitors accounted for 28% of the total exhibitors in 2015. Enterprises participating in the exhibition for several consecutive years have accumulated popularity and increased credibility for the public praise and brand influence of the exhibition

this exhibition attracted 431 exhibitors at home and abroad, bringing together well-known exhibitors such as Linglong group, triangle tire, Qingdao Shuangxing, Jianda industry, Shengtai group, Apollo, Russian Kama tire, East Asia inner tube, Nuoji tire trade, etc. New product release, exhibition and other related activities in the exhibition hall gathered in CTF 2015

concurrent activities show the charm of tire industry

f2016 "green, safe Intelligent "tire manufacturing technology forum

ctf2016 green, security, smart, tire manufacturing technology forum

2.2016 China Qingdao Aluminum Wheel Industry Summit Forum

2016china ★ the experimental machine can realize two functions: continuous loading and maintaining load under any load (Qingdao) Aluminum wheels Industry Summit

f2016 overseas professional procurement group business negotiation cocktail party

ctf2016 overseas buyers reception dinner

4. The 13th China International Rubber Technology (Qingdao) exhibition 2016

2016 the 13th China International Rubber Technology Expo (Qingdao)

5 "2016 rubber new technology and materials" 1. Excessive release agent was sprayed and introduced into the miscellaneous flavor forum

2016 rubber new technology and materials forum

6 New plastic 2016 rubber hose and belt industry technology International Forum

2016 rubber hose and rubber belt technology forum

big data support - a priority in the Internet era

Jinnuo group has 16 years of professional exhibition organization experience, with 430000 professional audience database, 100 person team service, and the big database has centralized outsourcers and audience information

all cloud data query has strong pertinence and greatly improved the utilization rate of resource integration. It has opened up a high-quality data system in the contemporary era. In the era of information explosion, you want to think what you want, and only exist for valuable information

100 person call team - unparalleled audience system

the organizer has a 100 person professional call team, which is rare in the industry. Such a scale ensures the quality of the visit. In addition, the audience volume and survey statistics in the large database can be converted into valuable service information to make rational use of resources

high quality service in the exhibition hall

cash back at the booth: all kinds of outdoor advertisements and magazine advertisements made by exhibitors, which reflect the name, time and your booth number of the exhibition in the advertisements, can enjoy the cash back of the booth fee in proportion

free advertisements on site: videos of exhibitors, enterprises and products are broadcast on the large screen in the rest area of VIP purchasing groups and foreign purchasing groups

call the designated audience for free: exhibitors can specify the target audience to invite according to the needs of enterprise audiences, and can also provide audience data. The 100 person call center of the organizing committee will call the invitation for you

in April, the roses bloom just right, and CTF also blooms. Will you come

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