Experience and growth in the hottest setbacks

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Under the warm winter sun, Yinrui Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the economic development zone of Huaiyuan County, is speeding up the construction of two standard plants to prepare for the expansion of production scale this year; Zhuxiaoling, the general manager of the company, kept ringing, contacting new and old customers for orders for the new year. "In eight years, we have completed the transformation from piecemeal follow-up production to independent research and development. Now our products have accounted for more than 50% of the domestic market share."

her early sales experience in Guangdong saved Zhu Xiaoling a bucket of gold. At that time, she was over thirty years old and wanted to do something of her own. In the process of running the market for many years, Zhu Xiaoling keenly found that with the rapid development of the glass industry in China (2) when conditions such as molding pressure, mold design and temperature are bad, the potential market for high-end glass cutting machines is huge. In 2005, with her life dream, zhuxiaoling returned to Huaiyuan to start a business

"the company invested a total of 500000 yuan and spent 30 days. The mold temperature is the main factor to control the cooling and finalization of products. Its impact on the molding shrinkage is mainly reflected in the process after the gate is frozen and before the product is demoulded. After importing high-end glass cutting machines, there is little left. At the beginning, there was no own product, and it can only be produced according to customer needs." Zhu Xiaoling recalled the hardships at the beginning of starting a business. She lent money to pay workers and built a shed on the rented open space as a factory building. She insisted with entrepreneurial passion and left a number of leading skilled workers

in 2007, the company handed over the leading batch of products to customers, but it was hit hard. "Because of poor quality, five of the seven sold equipment were returned, with a loss of nearly 5million yuan." Zhuxiaoling said that because of this experience, she realized that she could not be led by others. Enterprises must take the road of independent innovation to develop and come up with their own and famous products. To this end, she pieced together and raised 1.5 million yuan to invest in product research and development

the company first developed high-end glass machinery production lines in cooperation with internationally renowned experts in the glass machinery industry, and then established long-term cooperative relations with several well-known colleges and universities across the country. The colleges and universities sent senior scholars to the company to tackle key technical problems, and mastered the initial six patented technologies. In order to get familiar with the market and save personnel expenses, Zhu Xiaoling personally led her partners to sell. The original means of transportation of the company was only a motorcycle. Relying on it, Zhu Xiaoling ran around and ran all over the surrounding markets. In three or four years, she traveled to Urumqi in the West and Kunming in the south, almost all over the national market, and gradually established six offices and a 24-hour after-sales service system across the country

"at the coldest time of the market in 2008, we broke the market ice a little bit and won public praise with products with independent intellectual property rights and considerate services." Zhuxiaoling said that many of the customers she won at that time later became regular customers of the company. Over the years, the annual sales growth rate of the company has remained above 30%. In 2013, the company's sales volume was nearly 200million yuan

after years of technological research and development, today's Yinrui company has become a "national high-tech enterprise", and has received more than 30 national invention patents and more than 100 utility model patents, which are mainly used to fix samples. It has produced the world's largest glass cutting assembly line, which can cut glass with a width of 13 meters and a thickness of 25 mm. Yr series automatic cutting assembly line has obtained European "CE" certification. At present, the company's products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and has become the only strategic partner of DuPont photovoltaic new materials in mainland China, which has the characteristics of wide measurement limitations, high accuracy and fast response

the road of entrepreneurship will not be smooth. In addition to the initial capital and technical problems, Zhu Xiaoling's enterprise has also encountered fraud, with losses of more than 15 million yuan. "Learn a lesson, overcome setbacks and start again. The road of entrepreneurship will be smoother and wider." Zhu Xiaoling is full of confidence in the future. Zhonghua glass () Department

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