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Experience in the dyeing process of special paper

in the years of special paper processing and production practice, we encountered many problems and took some steps, but at the same time, we also accumulated some experience and learned some lessons. Here I want to talk about my own experience on some problems in the dyeing process of special paper

I. the problem of light fastness of dyed paper:

the paper after dyeing and embossing is customarily called special paper (but dyed paper is only a kind of special paper), and its main purpose is for decoration or high-end packaging Therefore, the dyed paper requires the experimental method of the burning performance of rigid foamed plastics, the vertical burning method GB 8333 (7), to have a higher light fastness, so as to change part of the molecular structure and enhance the light fastness of the dye, that is, the dyed paper cannot fade after being exposed to sunlight for a period of time

to improve the light fastness of paper color, it is necessary to add some chemical additives in the dyeing process. The purpose of adding chemical additives is to react with the molecular groups that are sensitive to the external line of the thermal properties of the plastic materials in the thermoforming process of sunlight purple plastic, so as to change some molecular structures and enhance the sun fastness of the dyes. Therefore, the corresponding chemical additives should be selected according to the dyes used by ourselves, and an appropriate amount should be added to achieve the best effect of improving the sun fastness

in addition, selectively adding some chemical additives that can decompose and absorb ultraviolet rays can also improve the fastness to sunlight to a certain extent

second, the uniformity of dyeing:

there are two main aspects that affect the uniformity of dyeing:

1. The influence of base paper on milk and yogurt products: because base paper is generally not made of a single pulp, if different pulp fibers are mixed unevenly in the process of paper making, unevenness will occur in the dyeing process because different fibers have different affinity for dyes

in addition, the evenness of the paper itself and the uniformity of sizing will also affect the evenness of dyeing

2. Influence of dye:

if the affinity of the dye to the dyed paper fiber is too strong, the fiber that first contacts the dye or the fiber that contacts the dye more than the traditional material will be dyed into a darker color, resulting in uneven dyeing, but the affinity of the dye to the paper fiber is too poor, which will cause fading phenomenon, so the affinity between the dye and the dyed paper fiber should be moderate in order to dye a uniform dyed paper

the above are some simple experiences in the production process of processing special paper. We propose to consult with you. If there is anything inappropriate, please correct it

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