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Experience in purchasing milk packaging materials

milk is rich in nutrients and easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body. It is a very ideal food. With the improvement of people's living standards and the deepening of their understanding of dairy products, especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology, the types of dairy products are gradually increasing, the preservation period is longer, and it is more convenient to carry or drink, which is deeply loved by the public

however, dairy enterprises need to work hard to select appropriate packaging materials to extend the storage period of milk, ensure the quality of milk products, and facilitate storage, transportation and sales

high quality packaging materials provide a long shelf life

selection of milk film. In order to ensure the quality of dairy products, we should pay attention to the health and safety of milk film. Start with suppliers, control suppliers to strictly use food grade raw materials and environmental friendly inks, and strictly implement the specified standards during testing, so as to ensure the quality of products

use packaging materials with good oxygen barrier performance (i.e. poor permeability). The film material used for milk packaging film is mainly polyethylene (PE) coextrusion film. The quality of packaging materials' oxygen barrier performance is the direct reason that affects the shelf life of milk. When the package is exposed to the air, the oxygen molecules of the air will penetrate into the inner side of the package through the molecular gap of the packaging material and directly contact with the milk. When the amount of oxygen through reaches a certain amount, the milk will deteriorate. With the development of the times, milk packaging has changed from the original single-layer polyethylene plastic film bag to multi-layer composite film packaging. These multilayer composites have been added with polyvinyl alcohol or special coating in the production process since their birth and development, so the barrier performance of packaging materials against oxygen has been greatly improved. Its barrier performance (specifically refers to permeability here) is affected by production process, coating thickness, material composition and other factors

in addition, in the face of a wide variety of milk on the market, consumers' demand psychology and purchase motivation have become the focus of attention of many dairy enterprises. Brand, price, nutrition and convenience have become the main factors that many consumers consider when purchasing. For this, many companies regard how to tap and meet the needs of consumers as the orientation of hot product development, so the PHA formed by its aggregation is diverse

paper cup packaging has great advantages

paper cup milk is fresh, elegant, hygienic, convenient and fashionable, giving people a refreshing feeling. It is widely used to pack liquid milk or fermented milk abroad, especially in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. In China, it is a new form of packaging. It was first applied by Shanghai Guangming company in March last year, and was deeply welcomed by consumers

compared with other packaging materials, paper cups have the characteristics of convenience, novelty and high comprehensive cost performance

(1) paper cup packaging is more convenient and economical than roof packaging. The price of paper cup packaging is lower than that of roof packaging

(2) compared with ordinary glass bottled milk, it increases the packaging cost a little, but greatly reduces the high complaint rate of bottled milk and the after-sales processing cost, which is conducive to improving the corporate image and meeting the needs of consumers at different levels

(3) compared with plastic film bagged milk, paper cups also increase some packaging costs, but the packaging appearance is elegant

because the sales objects of paper cups are different from those of roof bags, glass bottled milk and electronic universal experimental machine software and hardware bagged milk, it meets the needs of consumers, realizes differentiated sales, increases the price difference, and brings additional profits

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