How to decorate children's room in the hottest sum

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How to decorate the children's room in hot summer? Experts will give you advice

how to design electrode materials for children's room in high temperature summer and consider comprehensive factors for decoration? Experts will help you. May 31, 2011

[China paint information] the response to summer is far stronger for children than for adults. Therefore, children's room design must not be ignored in summer decoration. The cool and comfortable children's room will be the best resting place for children in summer vacation. However, some experts pointed out that once the room temperature exceeds 28 ℃ in summer, the formaldehyde emission will increase exponentially. Therefore, when the decoration range is 0 ~ 10 mm, we must pay attention to the environmental protection of the children's room

note 1:

carpet should not be used on the floor of children's room, because it is easy to absorb dust mites in dust, which is harmful to health. In addition, do not lay foam puzzles in the children's room, because it may increase the concentration of volatile organic compounds in the indoor air.

note 2:

solid wood doors are suitable for the doors of the children's room, and environmentally friendly paint is also recommended for the door surface. It is better not to use the composite door with the large core board as the door core. The formaldehyde content is high while improving the production efficiency. It is suggested that the children's room should adopt the laminated door of tempered glass to increase the brightness of the room and facilitate the observation of children's activities in the room

note 3:

the wall of children's room is suitable to use water-soluble, environment-friendly, rub resistant touch key operation mode wash interior wall paint. In this regard, we recommend 3A environmental protection paint aibabe pure environmental protection wall paint, which performs well in environmental protection and scrub resistance. Because children are naughty, they often make the walls dirty. The color of the wall should not be too bright. Heavy metals contained in the paint should be avoided to prevent children from licking their fingers after touching the wall

note 4:

the floor of children's room can adopt solid wood floor or cork floor. Solid wood composite floor or reinforced composite floor can also be used if the formaldehyde content is very low. If the room is too small, try to avoid using these two materials

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