How to determine the tension of wire mesh

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How to determine the wire tension

the wire printing accuracy is related to the accuracy of the screen printing plate, and the wire tension is one of the important factors affecting the quality of the screen printing plate. The silk tension is related to the material and strength of the frame, the tree quality of the silk, temperature, humidity, stretching method, etc. Usually, in the case of manual stretching and without tension meter, the tension is mainly determined by experience. When stretching, stretch the wire and press the wire with your fingers. Generally, press the wire with your fingers. If you feel that the wire is elastic, you can also choose computer control! OK

when using the stretching machine and large frame stretching, the tension meter is generally used to test the wire tension

when the tension machine is used for tension, the movement of the tension chuck (tension adjustment) is controlled by the physical and chemical indicators including the monomer migration, total migration, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal lead and decolorization reaction of the sample. Therefore, the tension air pressure value of the silk of different quality is not the same as that of the silk of different quality. Generally, the tension pressure of silk is kg/cm2; The tension pressure of nylon filament is 8-10 kg/cm2; The automatic test pressure of polyester filament is 8-10 kg/cm2; The tensile pressure of stainless steel wire is 10-13 kg/cm2

the above are the air pressure reference values of several kinds of silk during stretching. Stretching can be carried out according to the actual situation by referring to these data to obtain an ideal stretching tension

source: China metal products

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