How to detect the peculiar smell of plastic packag

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How to detect the peculiar smell of plastic packaging materials

the control of the peculiar smell of plastic packaging materials is the top priority of our company's testing. Now, we will introduce our testing methods for the plastic packaging materials of fruit juice, yogurt, biscuits and other products


constant temperature drying oven, distilled water generator, electronic balance, electric furnace


conical flask (500ml)

manual sample shifter

beaker (40CC, 100cc)


inspection method:

1.1 resin functional test

1.1 after the resin is put into storage, 100g of each batch number shall be sampled (40g for inspection, 50g for sample storage, 10g for spare parts consumed during the test, with a storage period of two years)

1.1.2 take 40g of each sample and put it into a conical bottle with a cover (measured by electronic balance)

1.1.3 inject 60cc of 90 ℃ hot water, and the host control system adopts the full digital, 3-closed loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system with adaptive PID algorithm. Shake it for 5 minutes and then cool it for 3 minutes (use distilled water to heat it to 90 ℃ on the electric furnace before use)

1.1.4 the cooled water shall be checked by the full-time inspector (for the control test, one bottle shall be filled with samples, and one bottle shall only be filled with 60cc 90 ℃ hot water) open the cover for olfactory identification putting a sample pipette into a pollution-free beaker has become a hot topic in recent years

1.1.5 judgment:

whether there is peculiar smell and whether the whole device is reliable - unqualified (not usable)

no peculiar smell and no odor - qualified

the resin stored after warehousing shall be rechecked according to the above functional inspection method before being sent to the workshop for use, and shall be used after being judged to be qualified

1.2 qualitative and functional inspection of resin processed molded products

1.2.1 weigh 10g of sample (measured by electronic balance)

1.2.2 the operation method is the same as that of 1.1.1, 1.1.3, 1.1.4, 1.1.5

1.3 qualitative and functional inspection of composite packaging materials

1.3.1 take 0.2m 2 2

1.3.2 packaging materials and put them into conical bottles, inject 90 ℃ hot water to completely immerse them, then cover them, shake them and soak them for 5 minutes.Minutes

1.3.3 put the conical flask into a cold water bath to cool for 3 minutes

1.3.4 the cooled water shall be inspected by the full-time inspector open the cover and identify with smell put the sample pipette into a pollution-free beaker for taste test

test precautions:

1 The test must be carried out in a special laboratory to prevent pollution of the external environment. The company will provide free technical training on operation, maintenance, repair and other aspects to the corresponding technicians, operators and maintenance personnel of the manufacturer to identify the impact of odor

2. All glassware must be cleaned with distilled water or purified water before use

3. The cork of conical bottle is sealed with frosted glass cap or pure aluminum foil directly

4. For this test, the principle of first tasting the water in the test bottle without samples, and then tasting the water in the test bottle with samples is followed, so as to fully identify the difference in taste

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