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How to detect the distribution of smoothing agent in plastic film the development of plastic film industry has promoted the development of its additives, and smoothing agent is one of them. At present, the main function of adding smoothing agent to the plastic film is to significantly reduce the friction coefficient of BOPP film, change the balance between the slippage and anti viscosity of BOPP film, make BOPP film have good smoothing effect, and ensure its sliding performance on the equipment. In addition to the above functions, the current ideal lubricant should also have the following characteristics: A. excellent continuous lubricity and high temperature lubricity. b. It has proper compatibility with polymers because all lubricants except alkane wax are surface active substances. The commonly used smoothing agents for BOPP films include erucic acid amide, silicone, etc., which are mainly added to the core layer and surface layer of BOPP films, and the addition amount is generally 0 1 %~0.5 %。

however, at present, the following problems exist in the addition of the smoothing agent: the distribution of the smoothing agent in the film is uneven and transportable, which leads to a problem in the production: the smoothing agent can not be evenly distributed in the film, resulting in the production problems such as the breaking, slipping of the packaging film and the disconnection of the packaging production line, which has brought huge economic losses to the enterprise. How is the smoothing agent distributed in the process of handling? How to detect

the R & D engineer team of Guangzhou standard international packaging equipment Co., Ltd. developed a friction coefficient tester with "real-time detection and real-time display" to detect the properties of the film. The instrument is mainly used to measure the static friction coefficient and sliding dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film and sheet (display experimental data and results, developed experimental machine products or other similar materials). The instrument is controlled by software and has powerful data processing functions, real-time detection and real-time display functions. Its detection process is controlled by a microcomputer. It can automatically store and analyze data, provide analysis methods, and Print curve charts and experimental reports (the contents are article number, experimenter, experimental unit, material name, structure thickness, experimental conditions, experimental date, remarks, etc.)

the "can test various black and non-ferrous metal display" function of the friction coefficient tester can detect the uniformity of the distribution of the smoothing agent in real time, give an explanation of the essential characteristics of the film, reflect whether there are problems in the production process, provide strong technical support for the formulation of parameters for the technological improvement of the packaging paper industry, ensure the product quality, and effectively eliminate the waste of raw materials, It has important economic benefits and social value in improving operation efficiency. The instrument has been widely used in domestic flexible packaging enterprises, colleges and universities, inspection institutions and other departments

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