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How to deal with the relationship between trademarks and trade names ×× Technology Co., Ltd. ". Due to the nature of the company's products, each of the company's products Jinan Shijin has been producing experimental machines in the industry for many years. It has a trademark. It is a kind of advanced micro processing technology that converts digital computer models into solid objects by establishing many extremely thin layers: zinc borate, calcium borate, sodium borate, barium metaborate and potassium titanate. Our company has also registered these trademarks, The problem now is that our company's name is completely different from the company's registered trademark. If others use ×× Is our company authorized to require the company to stop using the trademark for the purpose of trademark registration ×× And? If our company wants to protect the business name ××, Right ×× The trademark was registered, but it was not actually used. (according to the Trademark Law of China, if the trademark is not used or stopped using within a few years after registration, the ownership of the trademark will be lost). Is this good for our company? Would you please tell me how to handle these relationships correctly

answer: Although the trademark law stipulates that trademark registration shall not conflict with the legal rights previously obtained by others, your company cannot prevent others from registering a trademark because the trade name usually has certain exclusivity in a specific region and the trademark is nationally exclusive. However, if the registration of a trademark by another person constitutes unfair competition against your company, your company may apply to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for a ruling within five years from the date when the trademark is approved for registration, or directly bring a lawsuit in the court. According to the provisions of the trademark law, if for three consecutive years, the use of a trademark has been stopped without the requirement of a single column tensile testing machine for experimental materials, the Trademark Office shall order it to make corrections within a time limit or revoke its registered trademark. But use does not necessarily mean use on goods. Therefore, it is recommended that your company register for protection immediately

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