How to deal with wind power bidding

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How to deal with the "bidding" of wind power

although I have heard about the relevant news for a long time, I am still surprised to see this news. The "bidding" is coming faster. According to the notice of the National Energy Administration on relevant requirements for wind power construction management in 2018 (gnfxneng [2018] No. 47) issued by the national energy administration, "the annual new centralized onshore wind power that has not been allocated to the project and the offshore wind power projects that have not determined the investment subject are all allocated and determined through competition, and the tariff declared by each project shall not be higher than the benchmark tariff of similar resource areas stipulated by the state."

how much will the electricity price be reduced

this means that since May 18, 2018, the centralized wind power project has officially entered the "bidding" stage from the "benchmark price" stage. Literally, the bidding price determined through competition is only not higher than the benchmark price set by the state. However, according to the current fierce competition for resources, the final price should be much lower than the benchmark price

generally speaking, the price will decrease after the bidding, but the decreasing trend will be slightly different. The three north regions will probably be lower than the benchmark price of thermal power, while the low wind speed regions in the South will be higher than the benchmark price of thermal power. However, the difference with the benchmark electricity price of thermal power is no longer important, because what we want to compete with is not the external standard, which can be used for new utilization procedures or upgrading or updating the existing structure, but the level in the industry

as for distributed wind power, it can still be implemented according to the benchmark electricity price after being released this time, which is a good aspect; However, there are still differences in the approval process of decentralized wind power in different regions, and it is not simplified. In the next year or so, we can only seize the time to seize it

who will be better in the future

in the circle of wind power, there are several large entities, including the main engine plant, the developer, the operator, the EPC general contractor and the investor. In recent years, due to the continuous reduction of the host price and the gradual increase of the resource value and investment enthusiasm, the host plant is struggling and the developers are making a lot of money

after the bidding, new chemical materials is a real "high, rich and handsome" industry. In the process of multi-party game, the value advantage of wind resources is relatively reduced, forcing all major entities to jointly bid for electricity prices. The competitive elements include four aspects: enterprise capacity, equipment progressiveness, technical scheme and declared electricity price. Among them, the equipment progressiveness and technical scheme are the most dependent on the main engine plant, It is easier for competitive manufacturers to charge, but it is more difficult for weak manufacturers

since the main bodies are required to keep warm together, the competitive strength depends more on the enterprise's ability to integrate advantageous resources in all links. The advantages in equipment manufacturing capacity, EPC general contracting qualification, engineering construction advantages and project operation will become highly specialized. Most people regard the accuracy of displacement test as an important part of the ultimate competitive ability to measure the level of the experimental machine. Even if there is a game between all parties, It will also be slightly fair

as for the mode of exchanging resources for orders adopted by some manufacturers, after the promulgation of the regulation, it may tend to default, because the value of the approved projects is prominent. However, due to the current situation of relatively low host prices, the value of the exchanged host orders is limited, which makes it less attractive to the host manufacturers. However, it is not absolute. It also depends on whether the OEM has a strong demand for orders

for operators of large state-owned enterprises, the value of developing new projects is lower than that of maintaining and upgrading existing projects. Therefore, before the introduction of specific requirements for replacing models in the wind farm, there should be a potential market for replacing some hosts. New models/or new configurations should be used to improve the profitability of the wind farm and squeeze the last bit of oil and water from the existing resources

how to declare the electricity price

since it is necessary to propose a 20-year fixed electricity price under the condition of reasonable income in the future, how to quote will become a concern in the next work. The levelized kilowatt hour cost (lcoe) must be a basic principle for the calculation of electricity price in the future

why is it just a basic principle? Because there are still some differences between lcoe, an external concept, tax collection methods and other details, and the specific detailed calculation needs further research and analysis

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