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We don't have to study whether paint water can raise fish. However, whether the paint is environmentally friendly is our concern. Therefore, in this market full of environmental protection products, we should have Huoyan Jingqing and learn to identify environmental protection products

is it frightening to use paint water to raise fish? Recently, a business promotion was demonstrated on the spot. In front of customers, it will “ Environmental friendly paint ” Mixed into the fish tank, several goldfish swim around in the milk like liquid &hellip& hellip; Does this mean that this paint must be environmentally friendly? Let's go and find out

“ Non toxic paint water ” Fish culture for 5 hours, fish belly turned white

water mixed with paint can fish culture? No one can believe such a fact unless he has seen it with his own eyes

Event Review:

on June 16 and 17, a nationally renowned brand paint shop launched a promotional campaign: in front of customers, it will “ Environmental friendly paint ” Mixed into the fish tank, several goldfish swim around in the milk like liquid &hellip& hellip; However, Ms. Huang, who is more serious, took advantage of the saleswoman's inattention and secretly extracted some of the same paint. Back home, she imitated the shop assistant and added this paint to the fish tank. After more than 5 hours, the goldfish turned white

how to judge: whether environmental protection depends on VOC

“ Raising goldfish in paint is only a temporary appearance, which cannot prove the environmental protection function of paint& rdquo; Mr. Liu, a fish culture expert in Shenyang xiaojinqiao flower, bird, fish and insect market, said, “ We should know that the living environment of fish and people is different. We often see some fish living freely in the polluted ditch

put the fish in the paint. If the toxicity of the paint is within its tolerable range, the fish cannot die immediately, but will continue to live for a period of time. Since it is impossible for customers to stay in a shop for a long time when buying paint, it is impossible to track and observe the situation of the same fish& rdquo;

master he, a painter with more than 20 years of experience, told reporters that whether the paint is environmentally friendly should not be judged by whether it can raise fish, but by the content of VOC in the relevant test reports

environmentally friendly coatings are flying all over the sky. Don't be superstitious “ Green ” The two characters

are diametrically opposite to Ms. Huang's experience, and the following is Ms. Zheng. A few days after moving into the new house, a red spot grew on his body. After checking in the hospital, he learned that it was caused by paint allergy. Last Sunday, Ms. Zheng in the urban area was still indignant when she mentioned the environmental protection paint used for the decoration of new houses. It is understood that there are many environmental friendly coatings on the market at present, and various environmental protection signs are emerging in endlessly. How to select genuine environmental friendly coatings has become a topic of public concern

“ Green ” Paint everywhere

not long ago, the reporter visited several building materials markets in the urban area and found that there are many brands of paint, some of which are familiar. Although the prices of products vary from one brand to another, almost all brands have “ Green &rdquo& ldquo; Natural &rdquo& ldquo; Environmental protection ” Name of. There are also products with “ Benzene free paint &rdquo& ldquo; Up to standard coating ” Let consumers see the concept of

you might as well see if there is “ Ten rings ” Flag

“ Some so-called green coatings are not necessarily really environmentally friendly& rdquo; A brand paint seller in the urban area said that he suggested that citizens should not pay attention to the price when purchasing paint. When purchasing materials, consumers should recognize whether there are Chinese environmental labels on the outer packaging of products “ Ten rings ” Icon. This is identification “ Green products ” The easiest way to verify

Ms. Wu, a citizen who is shopping for paint products in the market, sighed& ldquo; Because I don't understand the market, I usually think that the quality with high price will be better. In fact, I have no bottom in my heart where it is really good& rdquo; There are not a few consumers like Ms. Wu. Some consumers blindly believe in imported products and believe that imported coatings are definitely better than domestic ones

and insiders also remind consumers not to be fascinated “ Green ” Two words

environmental protection coatings are on the market. It turned out to be just a speculation concept.

the examples of Ms. Huang and Ms. Zheng show us that nowadays home decoration pays more and more attention to environmental protection. What should we think of the environmentally friendly coatings on the market? On the afternoon of June 6, the reporter came to Minle building materials market and Minhe Jiancai City, located in Shilihe, Chaoyang District, Beijing, and found that almost every brand focuses on “ Environmental protection and health ” Brand, but the price ranges from more than 100 yuan to sevenoreight hundred yuan, and the salesperson holds different opinions, and they all think that their own products are the most environmentally friendly

“ Environmental friendly paint ” It's the concept of frying

the paint that we once thought was polluting the air has turned into “ Air purifier ”, Is environmental protection paint really so magical? Zhang Ren, Secretary General of the Housing Decoration Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, and Song Guangsheng, vice president of China Interior Decoration Association and director of the national indoor environment and indoor environmental protection product quality inspection center, agreed that “ Green environmental protection coating ” Most of them are a concept hyped by businesses, a marketing method, which is suspected of exaggerating publicity and misleading consumers

environmental protection is becoming more and more important. How to choose and buy is the first hurdle.

with the concept of environmental protection, it is important to do it. Therefore, we should learn to choose and buy environmental friendly coatings. With the popularization of low-carbon concept, the improvement of people's aesthetic level and the improvement of coating research and development technology, the development trend of multi-color, personalized, environmental protection and multi-function of coatings is becoming more and more obvious. Environmental protection and health are the development direction of coatings. Water based coatings represented by emulsion paint are the most popular environmental protection coatings at present

paint is the most important part of home decoration. It is the wish of every friend to choose high-quality paint and improve the overall decoration grade and grade. Due to the wide variety of paints on the market at present, if you unfortunately buy low-grade and low-quality paints, the painted walls will have uneven gloss, easy to turn yellow and brittle, crack and peel off, which will not only waste high-quality plates, damage the overall decoration effect, but also endanger your health in serious cases. Here are some tips on how to choose high-quality paints

1. Buy a brand and ensure quality service; 2. Buy environmental protection, health and environmental protection are the most important; 3. When buying products, it is most critical to have strong professional support

conclusion: we don't have to study whether paint water can raise fish. However, whether the paint is environmentally friendly is our concern. Therefore, in this market full of environmental protection products, we should have Huoyan Jingqing and learn to identify environmental protection products

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