There are unique ways to enlarge the limited space

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The long and narrow bathroom has a small number of floors, but the small and exquisite design makes the space very colorful. Who said that dark colors can't be used in small spaces! Dark ceramic tiles and marble basins are more textured home. The rectangular water tank conforms to the indoor narrow design, and can also save indoor space, so that the narrow space does not look crowded

the bathroom is very small, but there are all the necessary ones, even including a closed bathtub, which can be well divided into dry and wet areas. The dark chocolate color is selected for the space floor, and other layouts are mostly white. The white square basin looks just right, which also conforms to the overall shape of the bathroom. There is no bathroom cabinet at the lower end of the square basin, which is more neat

it is also a long and narrow bathroom. The white round basin is selected, and the smooth lines also perfectly set off the round arc of the bathroom cabinet. Different from the setting in the first picture, the indoor sanitary ware is no longer square to match the indoor lines. Choosing some slightly curved objects adds a touch of smart rhythm to the original square bathroom




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