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Prestressed duct grouting materials are often used in the grouting construction of post tensioned prestressed bridge ducts, curtain grouting, anchor grouting, void filling and repair, etc. duct grouting materials play an important and stable role in bridges, railways, highways and high-rise buildings

what are the formulas of sizing agent? What are the advantages and differences between it and traditional cement? Today, the sizing material manufacturer will introduce the difference between the two

1. The manufacturer of grouting material understands the formula of duct grouting material:

prestressed duct grouting material is a grouting material composed of high-quality cement, expansion agent, water reducer and other organic and inorganic materials. It is used for post tensioned prestressed duct grouting after adding water in a certain proportion at the construction site and mixing evenly. The product paste is dense to protect the prestressed reinforcement from corrosion; It is firmly bonded to ensure the bonding force between the prestressed reinforcement and the concrete, so that the prestress can be effectively transmitted

2. Advantages of duct grouting materials of grouting material manufacturers

1) before the popularization of grouting products, many customers directly mixed an appropriate amount of expansion agent into the cement and added water for grouting. The fluidity of this mixed cement slurry is not high, and the compactness of the slurry is not enough, which is prone to uneven duct grouting, empty slurry, slurry leakage and other phenomena, so the bridge collapse accident has been staged, Therefore, the emergence of duct grouting products is very important, which is not only the needs of the industry, but also the needs of the society. In 2011, the government issued the "new bridge regulations", and the duct grouting products in line with the new bridge regulations are more important, because the grouting products improve the product performance, and the fluidity and the protection of prestressed tendons are beyond the reach of cement

2) the cement can reach the corresponding strength standard, but the cement is easy to sink and affect the fluidity, so there is no way to ensure that it can be completely filled, let alone that the whole section of prestressed reinforcement can be well bonded with the concrete; Moreover, more water is added to the cement, which is easy to cause excessive bleeding rate, and the prestressed reinforcement is more prone to oxidation and corrosion, which directly affects the service life of the bridge

the use of duct grouting products can completely solve the effect that cement cannot achieve

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