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Floor is a difficult or missing item in the main materials of decoration. Floors, like tiles and cabinets, belong to many categories of brands. What kind of floor do you choose? First of all, I think we should understand the basic classification and characteristics of the floor

flooring is a difficult or missing item in the main materials of decoration. Floors, like tiles and cabinets, belong to many categories of brands. What kind of floor do you choose? First of all, I think we should understand the basic classification and characteristics of the floor

floor selection should be “ Be a good match &rdquo

at present, the floor is generally divided into five categories: ① laminate floor; ② Solid wood composite floor; ③ Solid wood floor; ④ Bamboo floor; ⑤ Cork flooring

① laminate flooring

laminate flooring is the largest category of flooring, originated in Europe, accounting for a large share. It is made by crushing logs, adding glue, preservatives and additives, and treating them with high temperature and high pressure by a hot press. The laminate floor breaks the physical structure of the log, overcomes the weakness of poor stability of the log, and overcomes the problems of knots, insect eyes, color difference and so on on on the log surface. It has many advantages, such as high strength, unified specification, high wear resistance coefficient, corrosion prevention, moth proof and good decorative effect. Moreover, the laminate floor does not need to be painted and waxed. It has a wide range of applications and is easy to take care of. It is the ground material most suitable for the rhythm of modern family life

the structure of the laminate floor is generally divided into four layers: the surface layer is a wear-resistant layer, which is a surface paper containing wear-resistant materials such as aluminum oxide; The second layer is the decorative layer, which is the printing paper made by computer simulation; The third layer is wood-based panel substrate, mostly high-density fiberboard (HDF), medium density fiberboard (MDF) or special types of high-quality particleboard; The fourth layer is the bottom layer, which is a moisture-proof balance layer. Generally, thick paper with a certain strength is impregnated in melamine or phenolic resin, which can block the moisture and moisture from the ground, so as to protect the floor from the influence of ground moisture, and further strengthen the moisture-proof and balance function of the bottom layer

the current laminate flooring is extremely rich in color, variety, style and style, and the workmanship is also extremely fine. Its appearance can be said to be what you want. Bright, matte, flat, convex and concave, imitation solid wood, imitation log It is almost confused with the real, approaching the real pure solid wood floor. But in terms of vision and hand feel, it can be said that many laminate floors can completely replace solid wood floors

② solid wood composite floor

solid wood composite floor is divided into multi-layer solid wood composite floor and three-layer solid wood composite floor

the structure of multi-layer solid wood composite floor is based on multi-layer solid wood plywood, which is covered with a certain thickness of precious wood veneer or planed veneer as the panel, which is hot pressed by synthetic resin glue, and then processed into the floor by mechanical equipment; The structure of three-layer solid wood composite floor is like “ Sandwich ” The same, that is, the veneer with high-quality precious hardwood specification laths is used for the surface layer, the soft fast-growing wood is used for the base material of the central layer, and the fast-growing poplar or medium hard miscellaneous wood is used for the base plate. It is also made of synthetic resin glue by hot pressing, and then processed into floors with mechanical equipment

like laminate flooring, solid wood laminate flooring also originated in Europe and is a replacement product of solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite floor has the advantages of beautiful and natural solid wood floor, comfortable foot feeling and good thermal insulation performance; It also overcomes the shortcomings of solid wood floor, which is easy to warp and crack due to monomer shrinkage. In addition, the solid wood composite floor is easy to install, and generally there is no need to make a keel

③ solid wood floor

solid wood floor is a floor decoration material formed after wood is dried and processed. It has the characteristics of natural patterns, comfortable feet and safe use. It is an ideal material for floor decoration in bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms and so on. The decorative style of solid wood is back to nature, and the texture is natural. Today, with the decline of forest coverage, solid wood flooring is more precious. I once saw the floor paved by the Russians in my hometown Harbin. It's really pure solid wood! The floor cut from big logs with a thickness of nearly 100 mm is comfortable to step on, but it is unrealistic to buy a floor made by this waste of wood now

④ bamboo floor

bamboo floor is a product of independent innovation in China. It is a floor made of bamboo after treatment. It is not only rich in the natural beauty of natural materials, but also has the advantages of wear resistance and durability, moth resistance and earthquake resistance. Bamboo flooring is warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, and easy to use. In particular, it can reduce the use of wood and protect the environment. At present, the production technology of bamboo flooring is mature, the equipment is perfect, the structure is reasonable, the variety is diverse, and the quality is stable. It has been at the international leading level in terms of production technology and product quality. When I lived in Harbin, my home was covered with bamboo floors, and in summer, it was a natural mat, which was called comfortable ~

⑤ cork floor

cork is the protective layer of Chinese oak, that is, bark, commonly known as cork oak. The thickness of cork is generally 4-mdash; 5cm, high-quality cork can reach 8— 9 cm. Compared with solid wood flooring, cork flooring is better in environmental protection and moisture-proof performance. Cork floor is generally divided into pure cork floor, cork mute floor and cork lock floor

from the perspective of price, the price of solid wood floor and cork floor is the highest, even very high, followed by solid wood composite floor and bamboo floor, and the cheapest is reinforced composite floor. However, in terms of sales volume, the sales volume of laminate flooring is the highest, followed by solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and bamboo flooring. Many people have never heard of cork flooring. But how to choose? I think it has nothing to do with cost performance





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